Shane’s Rib Shack: A Fast Casual Restaurant You Can’t Miss

Fast casual dining is said to be the fastest growing dining trend in the market. Trends are showing that people want a casual dining environment, where they can receive the food they order quickly. Shane’s Rib Shack is an American fast casual BBQ franchise, serving slow-cooked baby back ribs, hand-chopped chicken and pork, and Southern style side dishes. The restaurant started outside of Atlanta in McDonough, Georgia in a tiny meeting. It is now the fastest growing BBQ restaurant concept in the nation.

“Shane” of Shane’s Rib Shack is Shane Thompson, the founder of the BBQ restaurant. He quit his neck-tie wearing corporate job, dusted off his grandfather’s secret sauce recipe and along with the support of his wife Stacey, made his dream of owning a family BBQ restaurant come true.

Shane’s Rib Shack is currently available for franchise. Here is what they have to say about the ideal franchisee candidate:

“Shane’s Rib Shack is all about having fun! We are looking for Franchise Owners who are outgoing and have Sales, Marketing and/or Management Experience,  and who are results oriented. We want a person who can build relationships, lead a team, and who has the motivation to excel! Restaurant experience is a plus but not required.”

Is there a Shane’s Rib Shack in your area?

Checkers Has What The People Want

What is the appeal of a fast food restaurant for consumers? In the famous “McDonaldization of Society” sociological analysis, which looks at the impact of social structural change on human interaction and identity, Ritzer claims that we as a society highly value efficiency, calculability, and predictability in our day to day lives. We want good food at low prices: prices that are calculable, and service that is predictable. Checkers Drive-in Restaurants, and its twin-sister brand, Rally’s Hamburgers offer just that.

The company is currently looking for expansion in many areas of the country. The Tampa, Florida-based Checkers Drive In-Restaurants Inc. plans to open 30 to 40 locations nationwide during the next year.  Checkers says the impetus for growth is sales. Last year, a given Checkers came in somewhere around $1 million in sales, while McDonald’s a much larger franchise, typically does about $1.7 million in annual sales at a typical location.

These locations are found all over the country, from big cities to small towns. Checkers says its target audience is customers between the ages of 20 and 36, so any town with a young population, say a college town, is especially targeted for growth by the company.

 Are you interested in bringing a Checkers to your location? Read on!

The Checkers franchise offers a tremendous opportunity to join a Vibrant Growth Brand that already has a strong national customer base. With Rally’s you have the opportunity to take advantage of our:

  • New Freestanding build-out designed to improve ROI
  • 2% Royalty Incentive Program* for new freestanding locations
  • New market expansion opportunities
  • Category leading sales growth
  • Strong operational support

With the New Freestanding design, Checkers has lowered the initial investment while also reducing ongoing costs (through the royalty incentive program) to generate a Tremendous ROI for franchisees! This is the best time to be a part of a brand recognized for its’ value driven menu that continues to innovate new Bold, Craveable Flavors!


Fastest Growing Global Food Franchises

Fast food is, well, fast. Among the fast food franchise giant is an elite group– the fastest.


It appears that as the rest of the world enjoys a growing middle class American fast-food franchises are enjoying growing profits. The United States’ tepid economic growth is being consumed by the economic growth in the developing world. American sized portions– footlongs, extra larges and Big Macs– seem to be increasing in popularity abroad, despite the known health risks.


IBISWorld analysts, global fast food sales should be around $190 billion this year. Entrepreneur magazine released its list of the fastest-growing food franchises. Here’s the breakdown by brand:

Global Earnings, 2012, non-US units (High to Low)

  1. McDonalds, $51,800M
  2. KFC, $17,600M
  3. Burger King $6,050M
  4. Pizza Hut, $5,500M
  5. Subway $5,200M
  6. Domino’s Pizza, $3,500M
  7. Starbucks, $2,626M

Global Growth, 2012, new non-US units

  1. KFC
  2. Subway
  3. McDonalds
  4. Starbucks
  5. Pizza Hut
  6. Baskin Robbins
  7. Domino’s


Forever Yogurt: A Highly-Successful, Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Chain

Forever Yogurt first opened in June of 2010, and since then has catapulted instantly to become the leading frozen yogurt provider in Chicago. They are an aggressive company, in touch with the young society, and they possess the social marketing and media demands required to grow in the food industry. They continue to expand with an aggressive national and international expansion plan.

Forever Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt chain that has one of the highest per store sales averages in the industry. Each store is custom designed to best fit the area you’ll serve, creating a unique look and feel for each Forever Yogurt location. Currently the leading frozen yogurt provider in Chicago, they are looking to expand into cities that allow substantial traffic and continuing growth. You’ll also be given an option to broaden sales with an additional in-store kiosk, “froth” Espresso & Hot Chocolate Bar, which may be a good expansion option for your store. Forever Yogurt wants to hear from you!

Forever Yogurt strongly believes that selection and creativity should always be in the hands of their guests. Take a stroll into any of their Forever Yogurt locations and you’ll discover more than just a delicious product. You’ll feel immersed in the neighborhood, surrounded by wonderful staff eager to make you feel a part of the Forever Yogurt family. They are the charming and stylish retreat where everyone can indulge in a delicious yogurt concoction.


No two Forever Yogurt locations are identical. They strive to embrace the unique personality of each community. For example, before opening their Forever Yogurt location at the iconic Belmont and Clark Street intersection of Wrigleyville, Chicago, they worked closely with the Chicago Transit Authority to create a distinctive look for this store. The stunning end result of construction was a store interior that mimicked a classic Chicago subway train.

Every Forever Yogurt location embodies their company ideal – customer satisfaction and experience. Through a combination of imaginative thinking and a simple love for their product, Forever Yogurt will continue to provide the finest product for all of their patrons.

Interested in learning more about the Forever Yogurt opportunity? Please visit the following link and submit your information to the franchise developer:

June Jobs Report and Food Franchising


Help wanted signs have appeared with greater frequency in the windows of cafés and restaurants over the past year. In June, restaurants fueled a 27,910 rise in jobs for the franchise industry.


Currently, 75 percent of private sector jobs added in June were from restaurants, according to a national franchise report. June’s job number exceeded those in May by 19,160.


For the nation, the total number of jobs added to the workforce, 195,000, exceeded the estimate of 155,000. It looks as though businesses in general are hiring.


While higher job numbers provide some with a glimmer of hope, the unemployment rate currently remains steady at 7.6 percent. Equally frustrating is the quality of the jobs being added to the workforce. As the national franchise report showed, Americans are being hired for hourly work and paid typically low wages. Hospitality and leisure jobs rose by 75,000 in June, and some of those are probably summer jobs for college and high school kids.


Also in June, the number of part-time workers — specifically those who are working part-time because full-time unemployment remains unavailable to them– reached 8.2 million, a level not seen since October of last year.


The franchise industry and its food franchising sector is not unfamiliar with a part-time workforce.


The takeaway? The increase in part-time, low-wage jobs is good news when we consider that there could be no jobs at all. It’s also bad news, in that many college grads are now entering part-time employment. Prior to the recession, those numbers were much lower.

The Nature of Freshness: Sansai Fresh Grill & Sushi Kitchen

SanSai™ Fresh Grill & Sushi Kitchen is uniquely poised in the franchise industry to be known and recognized as the defining standard for the best tasting, highest quality, most convenient and freshest concept in Japanese fusion quick-casual cuisine – they ARE “the nature of freshness.”  Since 2001, SanSai has grown to more than 20 locations in the Southern California area, with a few locations in other states. Their ‘nature of freshness’ also applies to their ability to ‘stay fresh’ in an ever-changing franchise industry. With their fresh approach, and their solid support system, SanSai is truly the franchise opportunity of choice!

What They Offer:

  • A taste experience that redefines “the nature of freshness”
  • A great setting in a relaxing and enjoyable environment
  • Fresh meals prepared while you wait
  • Marketing support
  • Incredible service by staff that is passionate about a fantastic guest experience
  • Fast-Casual environment
  • A corporate support and training team with years of experience in the franchise industry
  • Single and Multi-Units available

To learn more about this fun and fresh franchise opportunity, please visit:

Cook Up a Good Time with Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries!


At Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries, they are all about the American classics people know and love, from crispy onion rings to old-time rock n’ roll. Along with their fun, 50s-style atmosphere, their customers enjoy favorites like their famous frozen custard, delicious hot dogs, fresh, never frozen hand-pattied burgers, fabulous fries, mouthwatering cheesesteak sandwiches, delicious hot wings and much, much more.


A Proven concept:  

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries fits a niche between fast food and casual dining, offering the customer the best benefits of both segments. They provide the convenience of fast food, with rapid response times and an affordable menu, but with a twist: their freshly made food is a much tastier alternative to typical pre-cooked hamburgers and French fries.

What they look for in their franchisees:

At Hwy 55, they expect the highest quality from their menu and staff, right on up to their franchisees. They’re looking for dedicated people who want to control their own destiny while building an organization consumed by a passion for serving people. Those who join the Hwy 55 team as franchise owners will have the tools at hand to quickly build and grow their business, plus the support of a team that has been there before. If you have:

  • Solid business experience
  • A commitment to quality food & customer service
  • Restaurant industry know-how

then this franchise could be the one for you!



Hwy 55 franchisees benefit from:
  • A limited menu with widespread appeal.
  • Several store design/location options.
  • An efficient operational system.
  • Strong online/on-site training & marketing programs.
  • Access to their network of hand-picked food vendors.
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated franchise team.
  • A firm foundation for success.
Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries is expanding throughout the United States and worldwide in many countries. To learn more about this great opportunity, please visit the following link and fill out the form to be contacted by a representative:

Hungry for the possibility of being your own boss?

 Join the Silver Mine Subs community!

Silver Mine Subs® goes beyond the standard sandwich shop. Their mining mentality and “silver” delivery service until 3 am make them the most convenient choice for hungry prospectors. Their dedicated franchise team promises entrepreneurs a proven concept with the individualized franchisee attention not often afforded by others. Their product, store atmosphere and people work in concert to provide the perfect food for their customers’ lifestyles. Silver Mine Subs® delivers not just food, but an experience.


Get your share of the silver dust! Contact Silver Mine Subs here:  to learn more about opening your Silver Mine Subs® franchised location!


Their locations in five states (and growing!) serve over a thousand customers per location per week. You maximize your customer base because unlike other concepts, they go beyond the standard model by delivering great taste directly to the mouths of hungry customers, and they offer healthy food options well beyond the standard dinner hour.
When you join the Silver Mine Subs ® system, you become a part of growing brand with proven operational success. Silver Mine Subs® offers high quality products along with a program that is so good, you do not need restaurant or food experience to succeed.

Going Mad: Restaurant Franchise Teriyaki Madness

food franchise

Sometimes it’s okay to go a little bit mad, especially if you’re the next hot and spicy restaurant franchise: Teriyaki Madness.


Teriyaki Madness is spreading their own version of madness across the country with their established franchise program and they’re looking for qualified franchisees who want to own a business that’s a bit different from the usual fast-food burger joint. After all, consumers’ tastes are changing and broadening.

food franchise

Today’s consumers are looking for restaurants and food franchises that serve higher quality food at reasonable prices with a smile. It’s a customer base that quick-casual Teriyaki Madness is poised to capture and delight.


Teriyaki Madness’ menu is full of Asian favorites: Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken, Beef Yakisoba, Shrimp Tempura and healthy options like steamed brown rice and vegetables. Kid-friendly items are also available.


The Asian food franchise is currently recruiting those individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are eager to own their own business and provide customers with high-quality food at an affordable price. A dedication to great customer service is also a must-have.


What it takes to become a Teriyaki Madness franchisee:


  • A commitment to being active in every aspect of the business
  • The initial financial investment to open a Teriyaki Madness store
  • A minimum financial requirement of $250,000 net worth with liquid assets of $80,000.


For more information on becoming a Teriyaki Madness franchisee, visit

Country Kitchen International Food Franchise Serves Country Favorites

restaurant franchises

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then Country Kitchen International is definitely one of the most important restaurant franchises in the market today, as has been for over 70 years.


Started in 1939 as a hamburger stand in Cincinnati, Ohio, Country Kitchen International has changed and adapted to the changing trends of the the food franchise industry. From a drive-in to a full-service diner (and today to a modern family-style restaurant), Country Kitchen International has proven its staying power.


The food franchise’s dedication to quality products and menu variety makes it an obvious choice for folks looking to start their own restaurant franchise. Country Kitchen aims to provide patrons a modern take on everyone’s old-fashioned country comfort favorites like juicy burgers, hearty breakfast skillets and biscuits and gravy for every meal of the day. (Rumor has it their pancakes are the best in town.) However, no two Country Kitchen locations are exactly alike, giving franchisees freedom to customize the menu and interiors of their franchise to suit their customers and geographic location.


Country Kitchen has experienced six consecutive quarters of enviable sales growth in the past few years, a trend they hope to share with future franchisees. In fact, the restaurant franchise is so confident in their business model that they’ll credit the first year of royalty fees to any independent restaurant owner who converts to owning a Country Kitchen and doesn’t see a 25% increase in net sales and a 5% decrease in food costs after the first 12 months.


Options in restaurant styles are virtually endless. Whether you’re an independent restaurant owner looking to convert an existing space or start completely from scratch, Country Kitchen will adapt to suit a wide variety of structures.


Country Kitchen is currently seeking new franchisees in various states across the country. For more information, please visit