Quiznos Appoints New Board Members

Quiznos has been revamping the business since their financial crisis was mostly absolved a few months ago. As a show of good faith to their franchisees, they are currently undergoing lots of business reform. One major reform is appointing new leadership. They have appointed a new Executive Chairman of the Board named Harsha Agadi. Agadi has over 20 years experience in the franchising industry with brands like Dominos Pizza and Friendly’s, according to the Denver Post. Along with Agadi, Quiznos has appointed three other new board members, each coming from successful brands like Sonic, Arby’s and Little Caesars.

This is a great move on Quiznos part because they want their franchisees and loyal customer base to know that they are ready to get the Quiznos franchise not only financially sound but successful. Quiznos toasted sandwiches has been beloved by America and among the most popular restaurant franchises ever, so we have no doubt that they will continue to grow.

Flip Flop Shops Franchise Spotlight

The ever popular classic summer footwear has been trending for years now and is constantly getting updated to fit the consumers’ desires. What are we talking about exactly? Flip Flops, of course! For the last forty years, since the flip flop first hit the market in the seventies, flip flops went from classic basic beach wear to fashion statement. There was even some brouhaha about some girls wearing them to the White House to meet the president some time ago. Now the shoe is everywhere, in every style, color, design and added bling you can imagine.

What’s that mean for the entrepreneur who wants to open their own business? Franchise opportunities are available for Flip Flop Shops, the store that focuses and sells this fashion basic. These shoes literally sell themselves, because their popularity has not diminished in all this time. Crazy teenagers will even wear them in winter to school! Just opening a shop in the spring in your local mall or downtown area will bring a flood of business traffic you can’t even imagine. Getting in on the Flip Flop Shops Franchise is more than worth it, as there is definitely money to be made selling these shoes, especially if you live in an area where no one else has a shop like it.

Sure, the consumers can buy flip flops from mega store chains, but they won’t have the vast selection of personally appealing shoes your store will and can carry. Flip Flop Shops carry flip flops with personality and the ability to accessorize with anything in the customers’ wardrobes! Owning one of these stores is a money making guarantee; give it a shot!

Wendy’s to Use More Humane Animal Treatment Practices

Wendy’s, which has just ousted Burger King as the number two burger chain in the country, has announced that they are now using more humane animal treatment practices. Their major chicken supplier, OK Foods, has begun using a system called LAPS, which renders the chickens unconscious before being processed by the workers. The industry standard prior to this was killing the chickens by electroshock.

Wendy’s is also encouraging other chains to follow suit, especially with the elimination of pork gestation stalls (which are very tiny and render the animal practically immobile), which McDonalds said it would phase out last month. PETA calls these moves “encouraging.” With all this good press, it might be time to start your own restaurant franchise like Wendy’s.

Sprout Healthy Vending Franchise Spotlight

"Eat healthier."

It might as well be the unofficial slogan of many Americans. Eat better and eat healthier. And where is one of the places where you slip on this slogan? Why, when you’re getting a snack at the office vending machine. Fortunately, there’s a solution. It’s called Sprout Healthy Vending, a franchise opportunity that provides vending machines full of healthy snacks. These snacks include yogurts, fruits and vegetables and other snacks that that make you feel good about what you’re eating.

The office is one place, but schools and public cafeterias are other options for Sprout Healthy Vending. In fact, vending machines, which come with no royalty fees or franchise fees, can be tailored to your situation. If you want to stock it with smoothies and yogurt, you can. Machines can be monitored online, so you can see what are the most popular selling items in your situation, as well. And Sprout Healthy Vending machines can also be ordered so that they are able to accept debit and credit cards.

The vending industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And most of these vending machines are stocked with salty and unhealthy chips, snacks and cupcakes. There’s a health-conscious push going on in society today, as a healthy lifestyle often means a longer life. Children can benefit from Sprout Healthy Vending machines by developing good eating habits early on, while businessmen can benefit by living healthier and facing potentially smaller health care premiums. Everyone has an opportunity to benefit from living healthier and Sprout Healthy Vending machines are a step toward healthy living. One can be in your cafeteria and break room today.

Quiznos Franchise Expanding to Russia

Taking a cue from the first-ever Winter Olympics to be held on Russian soil, Quiznos is expanding to St. Petersburg this year. The sandwich franchise juggernaut is looking to open about twenty new stores in Russia before winter of 2014. So can you guess who will probably be at the forefront of marketing during the Olympics? Our best is on this awesome restaurant franchise!

Quiznos has been in the news lately as they almost went bankrupt. They are now under new ownership, however, and many franchisees are looking forward to new changes in the franchise. Since the franchise is still on the most popular franchises list of 2010, there’s still potential business opportunities here.


Papa Murphy’s Introduces New Product

We have been big fans of the Papa Murphy’s franchise for a long time now, mainly because of their fool-proof business model. But now we have to commend them for releasing an awesome new product. They have now introduced the new Mini-Muph Make ‘N’ Bake Pizza Kit for kids.

The kit includes:

-7″ pizza crust rolled out on Papa Murphy’s signature tray

-Container of pizza sauce


-Real pepperoni

-Baking instructions

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about preparing food and choosing healthier options. It’s also great fun to assemble your own pizza! Check out Papa Murphy’s press release about the pizza kit for kids for more information.

Bleak Economics of Low-Skill Food Service Work

This interesting article from Slate was published this week. I found it interesting because the author, Matthew Yglesias, explores the ways in which the food service industry is failing but also what companies might benefit from this low-skill labor. It seems that the Quiznos franchise could profit more than a Subway, for instance, because Subway takes a specific labor arrangement.

However, he also points out that the food industry is one that is uniquely open-ended that can provide the perfect environment for experimentation with new business models (like our personal favorite, food trucks!). Check out more about it here.