Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake in Franchise Direct’s Top 100

Papa Murphy's Franchise

With a large portion of the top 100 franchises on’s list being restaurants and food, pizza is a hot franchise, so to speak. But when the franchise in question is Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza all of the heat is coming directly from the popularity of the brand, not from the pizza ovens.

Building their reputation and customer following on reliably serving up appetizing, quality food at an affordable price, the Papa Murphy’s franchise comes with built-in recognition and customer loyalty. And it is distinguished in the industry, as well, having been voted America’s best pizza chain by Restaurant and Institution Magazine for seven years running. With the dedication to putting out superior product and the comparatively low start-up costs, it’s no wonder that Papa Murphy’s is one of the fastest growing chains in America.

The franchise requirements are straight-forward and simple for a food franchise. Because customers purchase their meals at the store (pizzas, calzones, lasagnas and other similar foods) but cook them at home, the restaurant sites don’t require pizza ovens or other commercial cooking appliances, dining room accommodations or other equipment and fixtures that a full-service restaurant does. The hours of operation are limited and the company provides a four phase training program included in the franchise fee. Franchisees are given locations to operate their stores, but are not granted exclusivity within territories, although one franchisee may operate more than one Papa Murphy’s store.

Not only is the initial investment lower than most restaurants with a customer base all but built-in, but no previous restaurant experience is required. The franchise provides support from the first day you sign on, helping with everything from training to site selection and marketing. For the aspiring entrepreneur, Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake franchise is an excellent opportunity to own your own business.

Einstein Bros Bagels Franchise Spotlight

Einstein Bros Bagels Franchise You’ve probably seen Einstein Bros Bagels shops around your town, perhaps you’ve even grabbed a cup of coffee, snacked on a bagel or ordered one of the store’s lunch time turkey sandwiches. Chances are this business has also been flooded with customers as you’ve seen it. That’s because it’s a well-respected business in a market that won’t be going away anytime soon. Let’s face it, people need their coffee and bagels in the mornings and customers that aren’t in a hurry love the cozy confines of the coffee shop. Now, you can be a part of this trend by becoming an Einstein Bros Bagels franchise owner, a franchise that’s a regular on the Top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction list. When you invest in Einstein Bros, you won’t be investing in a start up company. You’ll be investing in the world’s largest bagel bakery and you’ll have the training, mentorship and support from corporate to ensure that you’re doing what it takes to make a profit at your location and continue the excellent reputation that Einstein enjoys today. In fact, Einstein is recognized as one of the top "movers and shakers" by Fast Casual magazine, an indication that this is a franchise investment opportunity with a high profit ceiling. What’s more is that this franchise closes at 5 p.m., so you and your staff have your evenings to yourself. Now that’s quality of life you don’t get in many other franchise options. Owning a Einstein Bros franchise typically comes with an investment of $1-2 million, with financing options available. Be a part of the 500-plus Einstein locations throughout the United States today.

Dante’s Pizza Vending Kiosk

Dante's Pizza Kiosk There’s a plethora of restaurants available to consumers, from fast food to sit down to carry out. But one restaurant mainstay that’s a favorite for the whole family is none other than pizza. Pizza, essentially, is recession-proof. Just think, when you’re hosting a party, looking for an easy dinner on Sunday night or just don’t feel like cooking anything, what’s one of the first foods you think of? Pizza. Now you can be a part of the pizza industry be owning a Dante’s Pizza franchise in your area. But unlike your typical pizza shop, Dante’s offers you a pizza vending kiosk machine, for even faster service. It’s a different, yet innovative, take on the already popular restaurant industry, specifically with pizza. Here’s how the Dante’s opportunity works: You simply invest in the vending kiosk, which is ideal for hotels, movie theaters, skating rinks, convention centers, or anywhere else that’s highly trafficked where people want to get a delicious meal quickly. Your customers simply purchase the pizza and are able to eat it right away. It’s a fast option for busy people. Furthermore, being that this franchise opportunity doesn’t require you to operate your own store, investment is low (starting at about $29,000) and earning potential is high. Plus, financing is available and like most other franchise opportunities, you’ll get the training and support from corporate to ensure that you’re successful selling and marketing their product. Remember, in a franchise environment, corporate’s success is dictated by your success! Become a part of this recession-proof industry today and get your vending kiosk.

Restaurant Franchise Trends – Sandwich Shops

Why Start a Blimpie Franchise?

  • Blimpie is a Leader in the restaurant franchise industry with proven business models and almost 900 restaurants within the United States. Blimpie’s is also the longest running, continuously functioning sub sandwich chain within the United States.
  • Started in 1964, Blimpie offers 40 years of experience in franchising. Blimpie® is recognized everywhere and their national marketing campaigns assist in driving customers to franchisees’ businesses. Blimpie is ranked No. 221 in the 2011 Franchise 500®.
  • Complete pre-opening training with ongoing support. No experience is necessary to start your own Blimpie Franchise. However, extensive support and training is offered.

Quiznos Franchise

  • With Quiznos, you can own a major brand that is nationally recognized without the huge investment.
  • Become part of a business system that has been proven with in-house financing available.
  • Your initial investment to re-open a previous Quiznos® location can be as small as $12,500 down and you can own a Quiznos in just 90 days!
  • Quiznos® national marketing campaigns assist in driving customers to Franchisees’ businesses with training and support also available.

Fresh Healthy Vending

This is the only vending company in the nation offering 100% juices, yogurts, smoothies, vegetables and fruit to franchisees, to be sold through innovative vending machines.

Why Fresh Healthy Vending?

  • Top selling products
  • A fresh business model
  • Great locations

Spotlight on the Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise

There are certain products and product brand names that immediately evoke a warm, positive feeling in us even when just hearing the name mentioned. Nestlé Toll House is definitely one of these brands.

Just about everyone has positive associations and memories related to the Nestlé Toll House brand name. Homemade chocolate chip cookies made with Nestle’s Toll House chocolate chips were a highlight experience of almost everyone’s childhood. Whether your Mom made them for you, or your Grandmother, or a neighborhood friend’s mother, just about everyone has experienced delicious, fresh-from-the-oven Nestlé Toll House cookies.

Now the Nestlé brand is available in an even bigger way — through The Nestlé Toll House Café.

The Nestlé Toll House Café is a way that you as a franchisee can help share the tasty and freshly-baked goodness of the Nestlé brand with the public. At this time, the Nestlé Toll House Café Franchise is the only major, national dessert café offering top quality, homestyle, freshly baked cookies and other baked goods as well as coffee drinks, ice cream and smoothies, all under one roof.

Deciding to start a franchise is a big commitment. Your work will be made much easier by choosing a quality, trusted brand in the first place — one that already evokes warm and positive associations in people. The Nestlé Toll House brand definitely fits this bill.

Papa Murphy’s Expands Further Into Indianapolis

Papa Murphy’s, the take and bake pizza chain is once again branching out in an attempt to expand the company’s reach farther into the mid western United States. The successful pizza restaurant chain is set to add at least 33 new locations in the state of Indianapolis. Such an aggressive expansion will more than double the company’s presence in the Indianapolis region. The company has projected the additions to take place over the next five years.

The made to order Pizza Company, which started its chain operations in Petaluma, California in the early 90s and is currently based out of Vancouver, Washington, has developed a nationwide presence within its two decades in business. Papa Murphy’s currently has over 1,250 locations scattered over the country in 37 states and an additional 14 chains in Canada. 29 of the company’s locations are in the state of Indianapolis.

Blimpie Franchise: A Great Sandwich Shop For Interested Investors

You’ve seen it firsthand when people go out for a ready-made sub and they eyeball the sandwich wondering how long it has been sitting in the refrigerated counter. You’ve watched them sit at the table, picking off all the things that they don’t like before eating what little is left on the sandwich.

You want to offer people a ready-made sub that they want to eat. You want the customers to have a choice on what is on the sandwich so they are getting the food that they pay for at a great price. If you have ever had the desire to be your own boss, then a Blimpie franchise may be right for you.

What Is A Blimpie Franchise

Blimpie Sub Sandwich Shop is the oldest sub sandwich restaurant chain in the world that has been continuously operating. Established in 1964 by Tony Conza, Blimpie uses the freshest breads along with the highest quality cheeses, meats, and vegetable toppings to give a delicious sandwich so that customers come back hungry for more.

What A Blimpie Franchise Can Offer You

Admit it. People like being their own boss. Owning an established restaurant franchise that offers great quality food in demand by customers and the support training to make your franchise grow in business and profits is every entrepreneurs dream. Blimpie Sub Sandwich franchise can offer you just that plus brand recognition and a national marketing campaign tailored to drive the best business to your doorstep.

Besides the extensive training, you will also receive ongoing support to help you succeed and financing so you can start your own Blimpie franchise immediately. Just make sure to have the doors open for the lunchtime rush of customers.

Papa Murphy’s makes a great first franchise

Many people have considered opening their own business, but often starting from scratch can be difficult. A great middle ground for many is opening a franchise. With a franchise business, the basic groundwork is laid out, as well as the brand reputation so the risks involved in start up as less than simply starting with a completely new idea. One very practical option is a Papa Murphy’s franchise.

The first reason why a Papa Murphy’s franchise is a great choice is because it has an excellent reputation. Restaurant & Institutions Magazine has given Papa Murphy’s the best pizza chain award for seven years, and it’s growing faster than any other take and bake pizza chain. Pizza is something nearly everyone loves, and having the “take and bake” option helps many people feel like they are in bettter control of what they are eating, and gives people that “pizzaria” experience at home.

The fact that Papa Murphy’s doesn’t bake their pizzas is another plus for the Papa Murphy’s franchise owner. Because employees are simply preparing pizzas for home baking there is no need to maintain commercial ovens, or keep any sort of dining area. Because of this fewer employees are needed in order to maintain a Papa Murphy’s franchise. And all these things that you don’t need, along with all the basics built in that you do, makes it a Papa Murphy’s franchise a cost effective and exciting choice when it comes to starting a business.

Blimpie Franchise Spotlight

If you love cold cut sandwiches and want to own a business, a Blimpie Franchise might be the perfect fit for you. Over the past 40 years, the Blimpie franchise has grown into a respectable business opportunity for anyone who wants the chance to earn a comfortable income and bring sandwich happiness to customers.

Started in 1964, Blimpie evolved in Tony Conza’s kitchen. After he assembled mounds of quality meat, thick cheese slices and crisp veggies on top of freshly baked bread, he shouted “Blimpie.” The name stuck, and customers nationwide have come to appreciate these tantalizing, customized sandwiches.

If you are ready to own a successful business, consider purchasing a Blimpie Franchise. You can own a successful franchise without previous business ownership or sandwich making skills. Blimpie Franchise owners receive comprehensive support and training before and after opening day. Third party financing is available, and Blimpie markets their franchises nationwide to attract new and repeat customers.

Blimpie is one of the most recognized names in the submarine sandwich industry and serves as a leading competitor in the quick-service restaurant industry. Find support and assistance from an established and successful company as you start your business ownership career. Additionally, a Blimpie Franchise gives you the opportunity to serve delicious and fresh sandwiches to satisfied customers every day.

How Einstein Bros Bagels Franchise Entrepreneurs Connect With Customers

einstein bros bagels franchise

Bagels. There isn’t a tastier breakfast food since the invention of toasted bread.

Einstein Bros. Bagels seeks to make the best bagel and best opportunity to interested entrepreneurs. Einstein Bros Bagels is the largest bagel bakery operator in the world as it leads in offering fast casual food in the restaurant industry segment. As one of the best franchises in the bakery-cafe segment, the Einstein Bros. Bagels have 500 restaurants in over 36 states including the District of Columbia.

At Einstein Bros Bagels, they satisfy hunger customers by offering 20 bagel flavors and 4 blends of coffee to their breakfast menu, Bagel Thin Sandwiches for lunch, and other healthy alternatives. With such delicious menu options, entrepreneurs are eager to be a part of this growing franchise. Einstein Bros. Bagels is not a start-up. They are an established 15-year franchise corporation that has offered interested entrepreneurs the opportunity, training, and support to be involved with a growing company that offers products in demand in every region of the country.

Entrepreneurs who have purchased into the franchise have used inventive ways to communicate with customers, find out what customers are interested in, and offer specials to bring in sales. Coupons have always brought in customers. But now, with the Internet age, these coupons are just a computer mouse-click away to give customers easy savings. Also, customers can enroll in Einstein Bros. Bagels loyalty programs to have even more money saved in their pockets with every purchase.

Other ways that entrepreneurs are building their Einstein Bros Bagels franchise is to have a presence on social medias. These social platforms allow for entrepreneurs to give important information to customers as they talk about sales offers and new types of entrees on the menu. Social media also allows for entrepreneurs to read customer comments about the business so that entrepreneurs can offer better services.

It’s a great time for entrepreneurs in the Einstein Bros. Bagels franchise as they continue to create innovative ways to communicate and offer savings to customers.