Einstein Bros. Bagels History and Franchise Opportunities

Originally created by the Boston Chicken/Boston Market chain restaurant corporation, Einstein Bros. Bagels has about 600 restaurants in more than 30 states, as of 2012. Now owned by Einstein and Noah Corp., the Einstein Bros. Bagels chain of restaurants serves a variety of breakfast and deli-style foods. The company’s primary specialty was bagel-style pastries, but now also offers a wide range of sandwiches and salads, which are fresh, healthy alternatives to fast food establishments.

Popular menu items produced and served at Einstein Bros. include the Bagel Thin Sandwiches and Bagel Poppers. With over 20 flavors of bagels to choose from, customers could try a different flavor, almost every day of the month. Additionally, each restaurant serves breakfast coffees that are available in four fresh-brewed hot or iced blends. Other menu items worth considering are the deli-style wraps, chicken or chipotle salads, and succulent Panini-style sandwiches.

Einstein Bros. Bagels also offers business-savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their very own franchise with this popular bagel-making company. According to the company website, it is one of the leading fast casual restaurants, and ranked number 19 in Fast Casual magazine’s “Top 100 Movers and Shakers." It is also the largest bagel bakery operator in the world, producing an astounding 3 million bagels daily, at the company’s independent dough production facility.

Einstein Bros. Bagels franchise owners receive the company’s 15-year brand and history, as well as a senior management team equipped to run your establishment. Franchisees also have access to full support for distribution, marketing, training, safety, and product development. Lastly, your restaurant has access to in-house product development chefs with a long-standing culinary rapport with Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Papa Murphy’s: Great Choice for a Pizza, Great Choice for a Franchise

There are plenty of pizza places, but there’s one place pizza lovers turn to when they want a home-baked pizza they don’t have to assemble themselves.

Papa Murphy’s, famous for the Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza, actually started out as two separate pizza chains. Papa Aldo’s Pizza debuted in 1981 in Hillsboro, Ore., and the Murphy’s Pizza chain started in Petaluma, Calif., three years later. In 1995, they were merged to become Papa Murphy’s, a name that is synonymous with homemade pizza that all you have to do is bake.

In 2003, Restaurant and Institutions Magazine voted Papa Murphy’s Best Pizza Chain in America. It has won the award each year since. In 2002, Papa Murphy’s was listed at an all-time high of No. 27 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 Franchise List.

The Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza redefined the pizza experience, as the customer can bake a pizza at home without having to go through the work of putting it together or having to make a frozen pizza.

As a franchise, a Papa Murphy’s chain has lower costs, because it does not need the amount of space, equipment and seating as does a restaurant that bakes and serves pizza. Because of this, construction costs and operating expenses are lower than restaurants and similar franchises, and they can have very competitive prices. Fewer hours also keep labor costs down.

Papa Murphy’s is easier to own and run than a restaurant, and corporate staff is supportive of franchise owners right from the start. We’ll provide training, advertising, meetings and a toll-free line.

We have more than 1,250 locations in 37 U.S. states, as well as 14 in Canada. There’s room for more.

Quiznos Franchise History

In 1979 two business men, Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner, purchased a sandwich shop in bustling Denver, Colorado. The name of the operation was Sandwich World. By 1981, the owners had restructured the business and gave it a new name to boot–Quiznos. One of the top sandwich shop franchises was born. The basic premise behind this new fast casual restaurant was to serve delicious submarine sandwiches toasted in a pizza oven. The chef-inspired toasted subs, along with decadent soups and salads, continue to be made from only the freshest ingredients.

By 2004, the competition of Subway was picking up on Quiznos’ distinctive offering. Subway began toasting their sandwiches within the year, followed by Boston Market and Blimpie. Quiznos had officially revolutionized the submarine sandwich industry. Today Quiznos is the second-largest submarine sandwich chain in North America with 4,000 locations; there are more than 100 Quiznos locations worldwide.

When Quiznos first opened its doors, it was a franchise opportunity. Entering into a Quiznos franchise, therefore, is a turn-key process. Once you have as little as $12,500 in liquid capital, you are ready to take your dream of being a Quiznos franchisee to the next level. All of the training and support you will need to get your operation up and running is provided via Quiznos. Also, in-house financing is available from Quiznos to help launch your restaurant. As an added benefit, you will receive all of Quiznos’ multi-million dollar national advertising via billboards, print, commercials, and radio broadcasts that comes with being part of a leader in the restaurant industry. Begin the process today of owning a store from one of the nation’s leading restaurant franchises, and you will be one step closer to living the American dream!

Einstein Bagels Perfects Quality and Purchase Consideration, Sinks Dunkin Donuts

The world’s largest operator of bagel bakeries, Einstein Bros. Bagels, has topped the more familiar Dunkin Donuts in the Harris Poll EquiTrend® Rankings for 2012 Brand of the Year in the Coffee & Quick Service Restaurants category. With about 1/20th the number of franchises, this Boston Chicken spinoff has perfected the art of quality and purchase consideration to outgun the perceived favorite in this new category. What is purchase consideration, you might ask? It measures how likely the target audience will purchase from a brand after viewing an advertising campaign. And, their rating here is what really pushed Einstein Bagels out ahead. Which brings us to their stores… Their neighborhood shops ooze warmth as customers smell the freshness of over twenty bagel varieties and six blends of Darn Good Coffee. Customer connections are their key to a greater bond. Sign up to their E-Club to see how.

In addition to topping Dunkin Donuts, Einstein beat out category entrants Bruegger’s Bagels, Starbucks, and Tim Horton’s. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better here and Einstein proved that with its top ranking.

Interested in getting a franchise yourself? Check out http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Einstein-Bros and get all the Tasty Turkey and VegOut sandwiches you want.

Doc Popcorn Building Their Brand Image

Doc Popcorn is a brand of popcorn started in 2003 that is continually gaining traction. Thanks to their quality, healthy products and interaction with their customer base, the Doc Popcorn brand is steadily growing in popularity. This is primarily due to the social media presence Doc Popcorn has established on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

By engaging their audience in a friendly and playful way, this franchise has already won over a significant number of popcorn enthusiasts and is likely to keep growing in the future. For example, Doc Popcorn’s Facebook page consists of fun questions, pictures and shout-outs that add a personable feel that keep users coming back for more. This element of humanness and fun loving spirit are perhaps the biggest contributors to the appeal of this franchise and the positive brand image they have achieved.

This brings us to the point of why it’s so important for a business to have a good brand image. In today’s hyper-competitive market, it’s vital for a business to maintain a favorable image so it can be a major player regardless of the niche. Building a solid brand accomplishes two major things. First of all, it helps a business distinguish itself from other competitors and gives it a sense of uniqueness. Secondly, it makes it easier to establish rapport within a given demographic and build trust.

Achieving a level of trust is important because it increases the likelihood that a potential customer will become an actual customer. It also lays down the foundation for a long term customer base that can potentially last for years to come. Due to Doc Popcorn’s level of professionalism and fun loving mentality, this franchise is set for plenty of success and growth.

Beloved Sub Shop Franchise Takes on the Big Apple during International Franchise Expo

Blimpie takes on the Big Apple when it will host a booth at the International Franchise Expo in New York City. Entrepreneurs, new and old, who stop by the booth during this 3-day event will have an opportunity to learn more about franchise opportunities from the beloved sandwich shop.

The International Franchise Expo, held from June 15-17 this year, is an annual gathering of hundreds of franchised businesses from all over the country. Franchised businesses covering a wide range of industries from technology to hospitality and restaurants host hundreds of booths that allow entrepreneurs to get a hands-on opportunity to learn more about starting their own franchise.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting their own sandwich shop can learn more by stopping by the Blimpie booth during the expo. Information ranging from what is required to startup a franchise, to the expected earnings will be available at the International Franchise Expo.

While the opportunity to learn more about Blimpie sub shops and franchise information will be available at this year’s International Franchise Expo, entrepreneurs whom are unable to attend have not lost out on a potentially great opportunity. With just a click of a mouse, entrepreneurs can learn more by visiting the Blimpie franchise information page at Franchise Clique.

Restaurant Franchise Trends for 2012

The franchise industry has always been a way for entrepreneurs to get started in a restaurant or business with a well-known brand name that helps draw in more customers. When it comes to getting involved in a restaurant franchise, the increased success rate is a major draw for entrepreneurs. Before getting started, it is always important to understand the latest trends for the best possible rate of success.

In 2012, the continued economic crunch on funding will continue to make it hard for some entrepreneurs to get off the ground. Despite the fact that financing remains a problem in some situations, the rise of mobile restaurants is expected to continue in 2012. The mobility of the restaurant is a benefit that makes it easier to gain the attention of customers and is less expensive to finance, making it an ideal solution.

Entrepreneurs should also expect to find more multi-tier solutions for their franchise business because more restaurants are taking action to make the brand name a little more affordable. With the multi-tier trend in 2012, it is a little easier to find an affordable solution to the financing problem. Three or four different pricing options continue to open up the doors of getting started in the restaurant franchising business.

Due to the economic changes, the growing trend for casual and fast restaurants that provide value for the cost is a continued trend. Restaurants like Panera Bread that offer healthy food items as well as relatively fast services and casual environments is a growing trend within the restaurant franchise segment.

Restaurant franchise trends for 2012 are similar to those found in 2011. The credit crunch continues to make financing a little difficult for many potential entrepreneurs, but the creative solutions available and the growth of certain restaurants make it a lucrative option for potential franchise owners.

A Quiznos Franchise Can Be Your Dream Business

Working a daily grind can be stifling. Perhaps you would like to make your own decisions and exercise your creativity, but you’re not really sure how to do it. Most small businesses seem pretty pricey and they are not within your reach. You’ve looked at franchises and the startup costs are just too high. Well, don’t give up. There is Quiznos, a successful and proven franchise opportunity that you can operate for only a tiny initial down payment of $12,500. They provide in house financing for the bulk of the franchise cost. Well run franchises can bring their owners substantial income, but most require an initial fee of $20,000 and higher. This fee is so low, you can sell your car to get the startup funds or charge it on your credit card.

This small sum of money opens your world to the opportunities of being a business owner. A Quiznos franchise will give you a beautiful, well designed new shop to run, and they will train you to be a success. Plus, their national multi million dollar ad campaigns will bring you the customers you need.

In these tough times of high unemployment and slow economic growth, you can give yourself the job security you want, by running your business competently and working with a financially strong and experienced partner. Your new business can be a reality in as little as 90 days! Take the steps necessary to get the life you want and contact Quiznos today.

Einstein Bros Bagels Franchise Feature – 05/10/12

Einstein Bros Bagels offers a tasty, healthy, and successful franchise opportunity in a growing market. The franchise was named number 19 in the "Top 100 Movers and Shakers" franchise list from Fast Casual magazine. At present, there are over 500 franchises in 36 states plus Washington D.C.; Einstein Bros Bagels is now looking to open up franchises throughout the country. All of the bagel dough is handmade in a central baking facility.

Einstein Bros Bagels offers its customers more than just a bagel and a schmear. From bagel sandwiches with thin bagels, hot bagel melt sandwiches, four types of morning coffee, and 20 varieties of bagels, there’s a lot that sets Einstein Bros Bagels apart from other sandwich and coffee shops.

Not only is an Einstein Bros Bagels franchise poised to deliver healthy, convenient food that customers need, it offers a high quality of life for franchise owners. Shops close at 5 p.m., so employees don’t have to work late night. Franchise Business Review awarded Einstein Bros one of the top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winners in 2009 and 2010. Support from higher management is only a phone call away, so there is help in your moment of need.

When you join the Einstein Bros Bagels family, you’ll also receive help from corporate management in selecting and building your site, training your staff, marketing and promoting your new franchise, and the day to day business of running a safe and thriving food business.