Papa Murphy’s Challenges to Grill Your Pizza

With the summer season tempting families and individuals outdoors, the option to bake a pizza in the house is less tempting. Papa Murphy’s understands the temptation to stay outdoors and has issued a challenge that will encourage customers to enjoy summer pizza without the traditional baking.

The Challenge

Papa Murphy’s challenge is simple: grill the pizza instead of baking in an oven. The pizza is taken home and then placed on the grill according to the instructions of the challenge for a variation on the normal baking instructions.

The instructions for grilling require taking precautions to avoid burning the paper tray. Directions suggest using foil, an aluminum tray or similar items to protect the paper from burning while cooking on the grill.

The grill must be pre-heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a two burner grill or 425 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for grills that have three or more burners. After pre-heating, the pizza is placed on the grill and cooked.

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete the grilled pizza challenge. Exact timing varies based on the heat of the grill, the type of grill and the preferred crispiness of the pizza.

The Sweepstakes

Consumers can enter the sweepstakes on Facebook to win a grill or other great prizes. Prizes are awarded throughout the sweepstakes with the Weber grill awarded as a grand prize.

Papa Murphy’s challenge is a great way to experiment with cooking opportunities. The summer is a time to break out the grill and enjoy new culinary challenges, including the option to grill a pizza.

Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise History

nestle toll house cafe franchise

When hearing the name Nestle Toll House, many individuals think of the delectable cookies. While the cookies formed brand loyalty in many individuals, franchise opportunities for the Nestle Toll House Café by Chip are available to individuals who are interested in investing in a popular dessert business.

The Beginning

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip was founded in the United States by Ziad Dalal and Doyle Liesenfelt. The first café was founded in Frisco, Texas in the year 2000 and the company has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the fastest growing franchise businesses.

Crest Foods, Inc is the franchisor for Nestle Toll House Café by Chip and is in charge of new locations that are founded around the world. Due to the brand loyalty of families who have grown up on Nestle products, particularly the Toll House cookie, the franchise has seen phenomenal success.

From the year 2006, the franchise has received recognition for growth, expansion and growing interest from consumers. It was ranked among the fastest growing franchises in 2006 by Franchise Times and was given honors in 2009 by Restaurant Business Magazine as one of the fastest growing emerging chains throughout the United States.

Franchise Opportunities

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip is a franchise opportunity that offers brand loyalty and has a wide range of budget pricing and café options available. Becoming a franchisee starts with determining the amount available to put into the opportunity.

The opportunities through Nestle Toll House Café by Chip include the budget friendly kiosk, an in-line mid-priced option or the traditional street café bakery that is the largest and most costly franchise option.

By offering options that are budget friendly to franchisees, the café provides a wide range of location opportunities. Common locations are in shopping malls and centers, but bakeries and shops on a busy street area also an option for those who want to put more into the franchise.

Opening a new franchise location is always an exciting venture for investors. While it will take time to work out the details and paperwork, the successful history of this dessert franchise offers long-term opportunities for a successful investment.

Could You Own a Blimpie Franchise?

blimpie franchise

Few things are more inspiring than an American success story — especially a story that could feature any of us. Take Mike Sarao, for example. As a teenager, he swept floors and made sub sandwiches at a Blimpie restaurant in Jersey City, NJ. He dropped out of college to open an independent video rental store, but when faced with stiff competition from Blockbuster, he sold the business. End of story, right?

Not so fast. An entrepreneur at heart, he was offered the chance to buy the Blimpie store in Jersey City — the one where he had worked years before. He bought the store, and the rest is history.

Over time, he accumulated several more franchise locations throughout New Jersey in Lakewood, Freehold, and Trenton. Despite his business growth, he felt limited in his ability to help others follow in his footsteps. So he sold the franchises and began working as a Blimpie area developer.

Today, Sarao oversees about 60 Blimpie franchises in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He relishes the chance to help new Blimpie owners to make their stores a success. He says, “You want people to be successful in everything they do.” And he believes just about anyone can become a business owner.

Blimpie has offered sub sandwiches and entrepreneurial opportunities for over 40 years. With their brand recognition, national marketing campaign, and developers such as Sarao in their arsenal, it’s easy to see why budding entrepreneurs flock to their system.

Quiznos and KFC have Expanded to Costa Rica!

QSR International the owner of KFC and Quiznos restaurants has announced a fast-track offering on a special sub-franchise program for 15 new stores in Costa Rica offering a turnaround time of 90 days to turnkey operation without a need for bank qualification. This is advantageous as cut-backs on bank loans and increases in requirements for qualifications continue. The special opportunity will receive the support of their successful multi-million dollar promotions in print, on television and radio, online and through in-store promotions.

The central locations selected for the new openings include three KFC’s in the province of San Jose, two in Cartago and one each is planned for Alajuela and Limon. Expansion and remodeling efforts are planned for three present locations of Curridabat, and for single stores in Paseo Colon and Heredia.

Two new Quiznos locations are available in San Jose, Cartago, Alajuela and three at the Juan Santamaria International Airport where an eight year, $4 million dollar contract was won for QSR to manage its food courts.

The popular Quiznos franchise restaurant chain is well known in the US for original chef inspired menu selections, delicious soups and fresh salads. Frequently updates ensure variety while maintaining affordable prices. KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurants and it is appreciated by families for its comfortable surroundings and affordable prices. KFC has a 56 year history since its original founding in 1952. QSR’s other US restaurants include its Teriyaki and Smashburger chains

2012 Food Franchise Awards

It’s that time of year again! The 7th Annual 2012 Food Franchise Awards is quickly approaching and you do not want to miss out on this exciting event. Is your food franchise brand growing in the US? Is it based out of US or Canada? Does your franchise have at least 10 operating franchisees? If you answered yes to the above questions, complete your free registration form today.

The Food Franchise Awards offers an opportunity to learn more about your franchise which will only lead to improvement and further success. Not only will you have the chance to learn ways to improve your franchise, you will also have the chance to take home the coveted honor of being the top Food Franchise winner. Last year’s winner was Papa Murphy’s, a take n’ bake pizza franchise, which is currently extending their franchise in 12 states.

The registration process is quick and easy. You can find the forms here: After completing the registration process, Franchise Business Review will contact you to schedule the independent survey of your franchise. After all surveys have been completed, the Franchise Business Review will recognize above-average franchisee satisfaction. Winners will be contacted by September 14, 2012. In just three short months your franchise could be a winner!

Complete the registration process by June 29, 2012 for a chance to earn this industry-respected award.

Quizno’s New Marketing Campaign!

Quiznos has long been known as the sub shop were you can get a toasted sub bun. It’s been how Quiznos, as a company, has marketed its products for years, albeit with humourous advertisements, believing that this feature separated them from their submarine sandwich competition. And now, for the first time since 2010, Quiznos has a new marketing campaign – QRAVE Quiznos.

QRAVE Quiznos is more than just a rebranding of the popular food chain – it’s also the launch of new menu items. Specifically, it’s the introduction of the "BTE," which stands for "Better Than Ever," menu items. The BTE menu will include an assortment of wraps and subs, made with specialty breads, dressings and sauces to wet the customer appetite. In addition to these product improvements, Quiznos will round out the rebranding effort with remodeled store locations and new uniforms for its store employees, to further signal a time of change for the restaurant chain.

So what is the purpose of the rebranding effort and new marketing campaign? Well, for starters, Quiznos was hit quite hard by the economic recession, having had to close several store locations and nearly facing bankruptcy on the corporate level. These hardships also forced the company to pull much of their advertising, which was wacky and eye-catching with talking animals and singing cats. Now that times are better, Quiznos, essentially is going "all in." While these new ads still have a comedic nature to them (see one by clicking here), they’re not as out there as the previous advertisements were.

What’s more is that the "QRAVE" slogan that the restaurant chain is adopting is a Quizno take on the word "crave," which is often associated with yummy food. Essentially, it’s the company’s way of hoping their customers "crave" their new BTE menu items. As we previously mentioned, Quiznos’ "QRAVE" period of marketing and advertising, while still funny and intriguing, isn’t nearly as intriguing and edgy as its marketing efforts in the past. But then again, having endured the tough times, Quiznos has a lot more on the line than it did years ago.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise?

nestle toll house cafe franchise

For an investment of $50,000 to $426,000, franchise owners make their business ownership dreams come true. If you are ready to join established brands and sell happiness, a Nestle Toll House Café franchise is a wise choice for your next small business venture.

Selling happiness is possible when you purchase a Nestle Toll House Café franchise. No other major dessert cafe features such a well-known and brand-recognized selection of baked goods, coffee, ice cream, smoothies and of course cookies. Customers recognize and trust brands like Toll House, Nescafe, Nesquik, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Edy’s, and Dreyers. Backed by these brands, franchise owners find success in nearly any location.

A Nestle Toll House Café franchise easily locates almost anywhere. Kiosk spaces fit comfortably in airports or indoor malls. Outdoor cafes offer indoor and outdoor seating. Inline models reside in a mall or storefront area. The convenient locations and strong product line make this franchise a perfect opportunity for new or existing business owners.

In addition to quality products, Nestle Toll House Café franchise owners receive solid support in all areas of business ownership. From financing to marketing, skilled and experienced mentors guide franchise owners from start to finish. Receive assistance obtaining financing, securing a location, constructing the café, training employees, and marketing the franchise. A knowledgeable and helpful support team guides you every step of the way.