Papa Murphy’s Halloween Pizza

In keeping with tradition, Papa Murphy’s once again offers its pepperoni and cheese Halloween Pizza through the month of October. Perfect for hurried or laid back meals, seasonal parties, or just before or after heading out in search of tricks and treats on that special night, it is a perfect fall treat. The handmade jack-o-lantern pizza, with a crust covered in rich sauce and loaded with Mozzarella and a pepperoni grin, is sure to bring a smile to all who see it, as well as requests for more from all who taste it. To make this Halloween a stress free and smooth sailing one,

Papa Murphy’s will take an order for your pizza in advance; you can grab it at your convenience, then simply pop it in the oven when you are ready to enjoy it.

Quiznos Slams and Aspires to McRib

Quiznos new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stuart Mathis may not be a big fan of the McDonalds McRib sandwich, but he seems to like the way the burger giant markets the unique sandwich.

Mathis admitted that the sandwich has quite a following, even though it is “not a great sandwich”. He turned what seems to many a slight into a left handed compliment by adding that he liked the way McDonalds marketed the McRib by putting it in and then pulling it out of the marketplace. The limited time offer has worked well for McDonalds, especially with the McRib.

It appears Mathis will be heading in the same direction with some Quiznos products, including the popular Quiznos lobster sandwich. The sandwich is currently off of the Quiznos menu and Mathis says that it could return in the spring or the summer of next year. It is his hope, that like the McRib, the lobster sandwich can create the same sort of seasonal demand.

Mathis and other recent high level Quiznos franchise hires are hoping to turn things around for the toasted sub maker. The Denver based Quiznos has over 4,000 locations in the United States, with an additional 300 in Canada, and another 100 other international location.

Quiznos Expands to Paraguay

If you’ve ever caught the food-centric act of comedian Gabriel Iglesias, then you’ve probably laughed your way through his comic surprise at discovering a certain national sandwich chain while on his USO tour in Iraq. Imagine his delight, then, at learning that the first of five planned Quiznos Sub shops has opened in Paraguay.

Located in Asuncion, Paraguay, at the Shopping Pinedo Mall, the newly designed sandwich shop is offering customers something more than the regular sandwich menu found at a typical Quiznos in the U.S. Called the "Q Corner," the innovative menu offers drink and dessert items tailored to the culture and tastes of Paraguay.

The new South American Quiznos is the centerpiece of the Pinedo Mall food court, which offers seating for over 650 patrons. The Quiznos has its own private seating as well and plans to employee over 24 people.

Richard Eisenberg, President of QSR International which is the master franchiser for Quiznos in Latin America, expects the restaurant to be a great success. Patrons can expect high-quality food and value for their money. And, who knows? Maybe someday Gabriel Iglesias will show up and order a sandwich!

Quiznos Hires Kenneth Cutshaw

Securing their focus on expanding across the global marketplace, the Quiznos restaurant chain has appointed Kenneth Cutshaw and their new President of International business. Quiznos sees the international arena as a huge opportunity for growing the business. In fact, the toasted sandwich chain has recently put deals in place to open almost 150 new restaurants in Brazil. And recent international openings have included locations in the Philippines, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and India.

Mr. Cutshaw is seen as a valuable asset for Quiznos’ international expansion strategy because of his past success in the arena. Most recently, Cutshaw served as the chief legal officer and executive vice president at Cajun Operating Company. While in those positions, he was responsible for successfully taking the Church’s and Texas Chicken Brands global.

With Cutshaw at the ready, Quiznos is poised to take their brand around the world.