Restaurant Franchise Wendy’s Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Restaurant franchise Wendy’s recently awarded checks to three charity organizations providing disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.


The checks, which amount to $68,017.67, were given by Wendy’s franchises in the New York Tri-state area. The benefitting organizations include Long Island Cares Inc. the Harry Chapin Food Bank, Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.


The restaurant franchise raised the funds through two fundraising initiatives. Fifteen percent of total store sales were donated to the three organizations during a special fundraising night on Thursday, December 13, 2012. For the following month, special coin canisters were also placed at the front cashier counter of all participating Wendy’s franchise locations.


All funds collected were donated to the three beneficiary organizations, each receiving $22,672.

Restaurant Franchises Use Secret Menus

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The secret is out: what’s on the menu at some of your favorite restaurant franchises might be more than meets the eye.

Have you heard of the Mc10:35? The quesarito? Perhaps you’ve tried the power steak breakfast bowl? Surely you’ve sipped the banana cream pie frappucino. What about the 3×3? These are just some of the off-menu items that food franchises and chains like McDonald’s, Chipotle, Starbucks and In-N-Out Burger offer.

It used to be that these secret menu items, much like secret handshakes, were only known to those in the know or to those who somehow overheard a secret ordering being placed. Now, the secret menus of so many food franchises are not so secret– the franchises are telling their customers about it.

Why? Well, there may be several explanations. The first: most fast-food franchises want their ordering systems to be as simple as possible for their customers and their employees. Complicated menus and ordering systems usual results in frustration and longer ordering times. The second reason is that we all like being in on a secret; it gives regulars and fans a chance to feel like they’re in the know and have an inside handle on one of their favorite places. Also fans of a franchise or restaurant will probably be the only ones who use the secret menu regularly.



The Evolution of Fuddruckers: From Beer and Burger Joint to Fun, Fast-Casual Dining

Since Fuddruckers first opened its doors in 1980, the restaurant was centered on the premise of serving high quality burgers in a fun, yet sophisticated, environment.  Its first location in San Antonio, Texas is still in existence today, but the core concept of the brand has slowly shifted focus. While their number one priority has and always will be great burgers and quality food items, Fuddruckers has made sure its brand adapts with the times. A perfect example of this is the brand’s new mobile application, which allows customers to give on-site feedback in real time. Fuddruckers believes that this application will make it easier for customers to provide feedback in the over 115 stores that are launching the program. Because the majority of consumers own a mobile device, they feel that the app will make providing opinions on service and experience more convenient, thus making their visitors more likely to provide it in the first place, versus traditional methods of gathering data through paper forms and online surveys.


To further broaden their variety and appeal to an ever-growing health-conscious nation, they also offer vegetarian-friendly options like their Veggie Burger, their Turkey Burger for a lower calorie alternative, as well as a Buffalo Burger. Beyond their signature burger entrées, they also offer a variety of chicken sandwiches, freshly tossed salads, steak sandwiches, hot dogs, kids’ meals, shakes and bakery items.

Fuddruckers seems to have it all figured out when it comes to keeping up with the times. While their look, strategy, and menu has grown and evolved, the Fuddruckers of today still delivers on their original promise of serving only the highest quality foods paired with exceptional customer service.   Fuddruckers_Image1

The Story of Restaurant Franchise Sbarro

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The story of restaurant franchise Sbarro spans decades, beginning in Brooklyn in 1956 with an entrepreneurial Italian family, the Sbarros.


During this period in history, Brooklyn’s heyday was coming to a halt. The bustle of the borough had begun to wane as the factories and industrial powerhouses that had been so needed during World War 2 closed their doors. Families began to leave for the suburbs and, in almost a defeating blow, the Dodgers moved out west to Los Angeles.


Despite Brooklyn’s economic difficulties, the Sbarro family remained and prospered, opening a salumeria (a shop that sells Italian groceries and charcuterie) in 1956. The Sbarro’s business sold homemade mozzarella, imported cheese, sausages and salami.


The first Sbarro mall-based restaurant opened a decade later in 1967, which marked the beginning of the restaurant’s current franchise concept and the birth of one of the most recognizable and successful restaurant franchises to-date.


Since, Sbarro has opened over 1,000 mall-based restaurant franchise locations in 40 countries. Over half of all Sbarro locations are in the United States.


In October of last year, two antique 1940’s pizza trucks kicked off a 25 city “Slice of Italy Tour” that coincided with Sbarro’s introduction of its new Neapolitan-style pizza that will replace its longstanding recipe.


James Greco, CEO of Sbarro, said, “By going back to our roots, we’re improving what set us apart from the very beginning, great pizza made from quality ingredients and served in a warm and welcoming environment.”


“These values and priorities helped grow Sbarro from a single Italian salumeria to a global restaurant company. And now, technology has enabled us to offer pizza of the same quality as our original recipe on a national scale.”


Sbarro’s commitment to quality and excellence companywide is one of many reasons why it’s the nation’s leading Italian quick-service restaurant franchise. For those interested in joining the Sbarro franchise family, Sbarro provides in-depth guidance, training and support. From food preparation to site design, Sbarro’s team of franchising experts assists each franchisee through the process of buying a franchise to its opening day.