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Silver Mine Subs® goes beyond the standard sandwich shop. Their mining mentality and “silver” delivery service until 3 am make them the most convenient choice for hungry prospectors. Their dedicated franchise team promises entrepreneurs a proven concept with the individualized franchisee attention not often afforded by others. Their product, store atmosphere and people work in concert to provide the perfect food for their customers’ lifestyles. Silver Mine Subs® delivers not just food, but an experience.


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Their locations in five states (and growing!) serve over a thousand customers per location per week. You maximize your customer base because unlike other concepts, they go beyond the standard model by delivering great taste directly to the mouths of hungry customers, and they offer healthy food options well beyond the standard dinner hour.
When you join the Silver Mine Subs ® system, you become a part of growing brand with proven operational success. Silver Mine Subs® offers high quality products along with a program that is so good, you do not need restaurant or food experience to succeed.

Going Mad: Restaurant Franchise Teriyaki Madness

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Sometimes it’s okay to go a little bit mad, especially if you’re the next hot and spicy restaurant franchise: Teriyaki Madness.


Teriyaki Madness is spreading their own version of madness across the country with their established franchise program and they’re looking for qualified franchisees who want to own a business that’s a bit different from the usual fast-food burger joint. After all, consumers’ tastes are changing and broadening.

food franchise

Today’s consumers are looking for restaurants and food franchises that serve higher quality food at reasonable prices with a smile. It’s a customer base that quick-casual Teriyaki Madness is poised to capture and delight.


Teriyaki Madness’ menu is full of Asian favorites: Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken, Beef Yakisoba, Shrimp Tempura and healthy options like steamed brown rice and vegetables. Kid-friendly items are also available.


The Asian food franchise is currently recruiting those individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are eager to own their own business and provide customers with high-quality food at an affordable price. A dedication to great customer service is also a must-have.


What it takes to become a Teriyaki Madness franchisee:


  • A commitment to being active in every aspect of the business
  • The initial financial investment to open a Teriyaki Madness store
  • A minimum financial requirement of $250,000 net worth with liquid assets of $80,000.


For more information on becoming a Teriyaki Madness franchisee, visit

Country Kitchen International Food Franchise Serves Country Favorites

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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then Country Kitchen International is definitely one of the most important restaurant franchises in the market today, as has been for over 70 years.


Started in 1939 as a hamburger stand in Cincinnati, Ohio, Country Kitchen International has changed and adapted to the changing trends of the the food franchise industry. From a drive-in to a full-service diner (and today to a modern family-style restaurant), Country Kitchen International has proven its staying power.


The food franchise’s dedication to quality products and menu variety makes it an obvious choice for folks looking to start their own restaurant franchise. Country Kitchen aims to provide patrons a modern take on everyone’s old-fashioned country comfort favorites like juicy burgers, hearty breakfast skillets and biscuits and gravy for every meal of the day. (Rumor has it their pancakes are the best in town.) However, no two Country Kitchen locations are exactly alike, giving franchisees freedom to customize the menu and interiors of their franchise to suit their customers and geographic location.


Country Kitchen has experienced six consecutive quarters of enviable sales growth in the past few years, a trend they hope to share with future franchisees. In fact, the restaurant franchise is so confident in their business model that they’ll credit the first year of royalty fees to any independent restaurant owner who converts to owning a Country Kitchen and doesn’t see a 25% increase in net sales and a 5% decrease in food costs after the first 12 months.


Options in restaurant styles are virtually endless. Whether you’re an independent restaurant owner looking to convert an existing space or start completely from scratch, Country Kitchen will adapt to suit a wide variety of structures.


Country Kitchen is currently seeking new franchisees in various states across the country. For more information, please visit

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Celebrates 300th Store Opening

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, opened its 300th location on May 23rd in Houston, Texas. Impressively, Menchie’s has reached the 300-store milestone in just six years, with an average of five openings per month since 2008. In the past 10 months alone, 100 locations have opened worldwide, helping to cement Menchie’s as the global leader of the category.


“The celebration of our 300th location shows that we’re not slowing down,” said Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie’s. “We’ve always believed that an exceptional experience is what makes special brands, and from day one we designed our stores to make people smile,” he added. “I’m happy to say that it is working.”

Among the company’s achievements in 2013, Menchie’s celebrated:

  • The opening of 41 new stores worldwide.
  • Master franchise agreements in China, India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Multi-unit agreements in place for Australia, Israel, Jordan, Puerto Rico, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Expansion in Canada, now with nearly 50 locations across the country.
  • The launch of Smile World, the brand’s first mobile game featuring four engaging mini-games.
  • The introduction of over six new proprietary yogurt flavors including Pop-arazzi Popcorn and Ice Cream Sandwich Bar.


“This milestone is a testament of our loyal fans, dedicated team, hard-working franchisees and quality products,” Kleinberger says. “I see our brand reaching new heights and spreading smiles far into the horizon, redefining the frozen yogurt experience within communities across the world.”


The company is a world-leader in providing best-in-class products, an unparalleled store experience and world-class service. Guests can choose from premium rotating yogurt flavors and delicious toppings for unlimited combinations, ensuring happiness in every cup.


Menchie’s uses only the highest quality milk and flavors to make its frozen yogurt. The proprietary collection is made from the milk of “happy” California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST). Menchie’s frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures and has received the Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal indicating its endorsement by the National Yogurt Association.

For more information about Menchie’s and Menchie’s franchising opportunities, please visit:’s-Frozen-Yogurt-Franchise.

‘Reclaim Your Angus’ with Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s

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Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder invites consumers to ‘reclaim their Angus’ after the launch of their new black Angus beef burgers. This comes as a direct response to McDonald’s announcement that they will be removing all Angus Third Pounder burgers from their menu options.

In a video posted on YouTube, Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s CEO offers consumers a coupon toward the purchase of any of their $6 Angus burgers, while posing as a McDonald’s customer sympathizer armed with a solution: get your Angus burger from your local Hardee’s or Carl’s Junior. Puzder continues, “And that’s perfectly understandable. Nobody likes to be deprived of something they enjoy. So if you’re wondering where the beef is, we have it. And we’d never deprive you of it.”

View the entire “Reclaim Your Angus” Video here:

Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s have been serving Angus burgers for 13+ years, and do not plan to discontinue the product anytime soon. Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s marketing team likes to point out that while many have tried to duplicate their success with the Angus burger, few others, and now possibly no other restaurants, have mimicked their success with the product.