Fastest Growing Global Food Franchises

Fast food is, well, fast. Among the fast food franchise giant is an elite group– the fastest.


It appears that as the rest of the world enjoys a growing middle class American fast-food franchises are enjoying growing profits. The United States’ tepid economic growth is being consumed by the economic growth in the developing world. American sized portions– footlongs, extra larges and Big Macs– seem to be increasing in popularity abroad, despite the known health risks.


IBISWorld analysts, global fast food sales should be around $190 billion this year. Entrepreneur magazine released its list of the fastest-growing food franchises. Here’s the breakdown by brand:

Global Earnings, 2012, non-US units (High to Low)

  1. McDonalds, $51,800M
  2. KFC, $17,600M
  3. Burger King $6,050M
  4. Pizza Hut, $5,500M
  5. Subway $5,200M
  6. Domino’s Pizza, $3,500M
  7. Starbucks, $2,626M

Global Growth, 2012, new non-US units

  1. KFC
  2. Subway
  3. McDonalds
  4. Starbucks
  5. Pizza Hut
  6. Baskin Robbins
  7. Domino’s


Forever Yogurt: A Highly-Successful, Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Chain

Forever Yogurt first opened in June of 2010, and since then has catapulted instantly to become the leading frozen yogurt provider in Chicago. They are an aggressive company, in touch with the young society, and they possess the social marketing and media demands required to grow in the food industry. They continue to expand with an aggressive national and international expansion plan.

Forever Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt chain that has one of the highest per store sales averages in the industry. Each store is custom designed to best fit the area you’ll serve, creating a unique look and feel for each Forever Yogurt location. Currently the leading frozen yogurt provider in Chicago, they are looking to expand into cities that allow substantial traffic and continuing growth. You’ll also be given an option to broaden sales with an additional in-store kiosk, “froth” Espresso & Hot Chocolate Bar, which may be a good expansion option for your store. Forever Yogurt wants to hear from you!

Forever Yogurt strongly believes that selection and creativity should always be in the hands of their guests. Take a stroll into any of their Forever Yogurt locations and you’ll discover more than just a delicious product. You’ll feel immersed in the neighborhood, surrounded by wonderful staff eager to make you feel a part of the Forever Yogurt family. They are the charming and stylish retreat where everyone can indulge in a delicious yogurt concoction.


No two Forever Yogurt locations are identical. They strive to embrace the unique personality of each community. For example, before opening their Forever Yogurt location at the iconic Belmont and Clark Street intersection of Wrigleyville, Chicago, they worked closely with the Chicago Transit Authority to create a distinctive look for this store. The stunning end result of construction was a store interior that mimicked a classic Chicago subway train.

Every Forever Yogurt location embodies their company ideal – customer satisfaction and experience. Through a combination of imaginative thinking and a simple love for their product, Forever Yogurt will continue to provide the finest product for all of their patrons.

Interested in learning more about the Forever Yogurt opportunity? Please visit the following link and submit your information to the franchise developer: