Country Kitchen International Food Franchise Serves Country Favorites

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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then Country Kitchen International is definitely one of the most important restaurant franchises in the market today, as has been for over 70 years.


Started in 1939 as a hamburger stand in Cincinnati, Ohio, Country Kitchen International has changed and adapted to the changing trends of the the food franchise industry. From a drive-in to a full-service diner (and today to a modern family-style restaurant), Country Kitchen International has proven its staying power.


The food franchise’s dedication to quality products and menu variety makes it an obvious choice for folks looking to start their own restaurant franchise. Country Kitchen aims to provide patrons a modern take on everyone’s old-fashioned country comfort favorites like juicy burgers, hearty breakfast skillets and biscuits and gravy for every meal of the day. (Rumor has it their pancakes are the best in town.) However, no two Country Kitchen locations are exactly alike, giving franchisees freedom to customize the menu and interiors of their franchise to suit their customers and geographic location.


Country Kitchen has experienced six consecutive quarters of enviable sales growth in the past few years, a trend they hope to share with future franchisees. In fact, the restaurant franchise is so confident in their business model that they’ll credit the first year of royalty fees to any independent restaurant owner who converts to owning a Country Kitchen and doesn’t see a 25% increase in net sales and a 5% decrease in food costs after the first 12 months.


Options in restaurant styles are virtually endless. Whether you’re an independent restaurant owner looking to convert an existing space or start completely from scratch, Country Kitchen will adapt to suit a wide variety of structures.


Country Kitchen is currently seeking new franchisees in various states across the country. For more information, please visit

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