Going Mad: Restaurant Franchise Teriyaki Madness

food franchise

Sometimes it’s okay to go a little bit mad, especially if you’re the next hot and spicy restaurant franchise: Teriyaki Madness.


Teriyaki Madness is spreading their own version of madness across the country with their established franchise program and they’re looking for qualified franchisees who want to own a business that’s a bit different from the usual fast-food burger joint. After all, consumers’ tastes are changing and broadening.

food franchise

Today’s consumers are looking for restaurants and food franchises that serve higher quality food at reasonable prices with a smile. It’s a customer base that quick-casual Teriyaki Madness is poised to capture and delight.


Teriyaki Madness’ menu is full of Asian favorites: Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken, Beef Yakisoba, Shrimp Tempura and healthy options like steamed brown rice and vegetables. Kid-friendly items are also available.


The Asian food franchise is currently recruiting those individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are eager to own their own business and provide customers with high-quality food at an affordable price. A dedication to great customer service is also a must-have.


What it takes to become a Teriyaki Madness franchisee:


  • A commitment to being active in every aspect of the business
  • The initial financial investment to open a Teriyaki Madness store
  • A minimum financial requirement of $250,000 net worth with liquid assets of $80,000.


For more information on becoming a Teriyaki Madness franchisee, visit http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Teriyaki-Madness

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