‘Reclaim Your Angus’ with Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s

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Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder invites consumers to ‘reclaim their Angus’ after the launch of their new black Angus beef burgers. This comes as a direct response to McDonald’s announcement that they will be removing all Angus Third Pounder burgers from their menu options.

In a video posted on YouTube, Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s CEO offers consumers a coupon toward the purchase of any of their $6 Angus burgers, while posing as a McDonald’s customer sympathizer armed with a solution: get your Angus burger from your local Hardee’s or Carl’s Junior. Puzder continues, “And that’s perfectly understandable. Nobody likes to be deprived of something they enjoy. So if you’re wondering where the beef is, we have it. And we’d never deprive you of it.”

View the entire “Reclaim Your Angus” Video here: http://youtu.be/dTRYdM8rVvM.

Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s have been serving Angus burgers for 13+ years, and do not plan to discontinue the product anytime soon. Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s marketing team likes to point out that while many have tried to duplicate their success with the Angus burger, few others, and now possibly no other restaurants, have mimicked their success with the product.

Restaurant Franchise Profile: Marilyn Monroe Cafe


Hollywood glamour is coming to franchising as Marilyn Monroe™ Café is set to open its doors in the USA. The upmarket café experience is designed to be a place Marilyn would be comfortable in, not a shrine, featuring a relaxed but elevated design experience with lush organic coffee and tasty treats.


A renowned actress, model and style icon, Marilyn Monroe captivated audiences around the world with her charming personality and graceful cinematic performances.


Marilyn’s timeless beauty and charismatic persona are the inspiration behind Marilyn Monroe™ Café. To reflect her effortless glamour and appeal, the café provides premium food and beverage offerings showcased in a casual chic setting that Marilyn would be sure to call her favorite café.


Combining a classic old Hollywood glamour with contemporary design flair, the fashionable café features intimate banquet seating, plush fabrics and exquisite design details, creating a space where you could imagine Marilyn sipping her favorite latte and indulging in a luscious danish.


Through the Café’s refreshing beverages and delectable assortment of sweet and savory fare served within an elegantly designed space, it is their aspiration to delight your senses and make you shine as brightly as the icon herself.


When you step into the Marilyn Monroe™ Café, you step into the spotlight. Learn more about owning your own Marilyn Monroe Café here: http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Marilyn-Monroe-Cafe.

The Evolution of Fuddruckers: From Beer and Burger Joint to Fun, Fast-Casual Dining

Since Fuddruckers first opened its doors in 1980, the restaurant was centered on the premise of serving high quality burgers in a fun, yet sophisticated, environment.  Its first location in San Antonio, Texas is still in existence today, but the core concept of the brand has slowly shifted focus. While their number one priority has and always will be great burgers and quality food items, Fuddruckers has made sure its brand adapts with the times. A perfect example of this is the brand’s new mobile application, which allows customers to give on-site feedback in real time. Fuddruckers believes that this application will make it easier for customers to provide feedback in the over 115 stores that are launching the program. Because the majority of consumers own a mobile device, they feel that the app will make providing opinions on service and experience more convenient, thus making their visitors more likely to provide it in the first place, versus traditional methods of gathering data through paper forms and online surveys.


To further broaden their variety and appeal to an ever-growing health-conscious nation, they also offer vegetarian-friendly options like their Veggie Burger, their Turkey Burger for a lower calorie alternative, as well as a Buffalo Burger. Beyond their signature burger entrées, they also offer a variety of chicken sandwiches, freshly tossed salads, steak sandwiches, hot dogs, kids’ meals, shakes and bakery items.

Fuddruckers seems to have it all figured out when it comes to keeping up with the times. While their look, strategy, and menu has grown and evolved, the Fuddruckers of today still delivers on their original promise of serving only the highest quality foods paired with exceptional customer service.   Fuddruckers_Image1

The Story of Restaurant Franchise Sbarro

restaurant franchise

The story of restaurant franchise Sbarro spans decades, beginning in Brooklyn in 1956 with an entrepreneurial Italian family, the Sbarros.


During this period in history, Brooklyn’s heyday was coming to a halt. The bustle of the borough had begun to wane as the factories and industrial powerhouses that had been so needed during World War 2 closed their doors. Families began to leave for the suburbs and, in almost a defeating blow, the Dodgers moved out west to Los Angeles.


Despite Brooklyn’s economic difficulties, the Sbarro family remained and prospered, opening a salumeria (a shop that sells Italian groceries and charcuterie) in 1956. The Sbarro’s business sold homemade mozzarella, imported cheese, sausages and salami.


The first Sbarro mall-based restaurant opened a decade later in 1967, which marked the beginning of the restaurant’s current franchise concept and the birth of one of the most recognizable and successful restaurant franchises to-date.


Since, Sbarro has opened over 1,000 mall-based restaurant franchise locations in 40 countries. Over half of all Sbarro locations are in the United States.


In October of last year, two antique 1940’s pizza trucks kicked off a 25 city “Slice of Italy Tour” that coincided with Sbarro’s introduction of its new Neapolitan-style pizza that will replace its longstanding recipe.


James Greco, CEO of Sbarro, said, “By going back to our roots, we’re improving what set us apart from the very beginning, great pizza made from quality ingredients and served in a warm and welcoming environment.”


“These values and priorities helped grow Sbarro from a single Italian salumeria to a global restaurant company. And now, technology has enabled us to offer pizza of the same quality as our original recipe on a national scale.”


Sbarro’s commitment to quality and excellence companywide is one of many reasons why it’s the nation’s leading Italian quick-service restaurant franchise. For those interested in joining the Sbarro franchise family, Sbarro provides in-depth guidance, training and support. From food preparation to site design, Sbarro’s team of franchising experts assists each franchisee through the process of buying a franchise to its opening day.

Restaurant Franchises and Pro-Athletes

restaurant franchises

Imagine walking into one of your favorite restaurant or food franchises and seeing a famous athlete in line making the sandwiches. For patrons of the Fourth Street Jimmy Johns in Waco, Texas that’s been normal this summer.


Rams running back Terrance Ganaway makes Jimmy Johns sandwiches as fast as he can for 12 hours,  three days a week.


Wanting to stay out of trouble during the off season, Ganaway jokingly tweeted, “Anyone hiring?”


A Jimmy Johns employee replied: “We’re hiring.”


Ganaway isn’t the first professional athlete to have attached himself to a restaurant franchise, though it needs to be said Terrance isn’t a paid spokesperson for Jimmy Johns.

  • Jamba Juice recently signed a deal with tennis pro Venus Williams to open five stores in Washington, D.C.
  • A group of NFL players, which includes ReggieBush and Keyshawn Johnson, has opened Panera Bread franchises in California.
  • Junior Bridgeman has created a restaurant franchise empire that includes 121 Chili’s restaurants and 162 Wendy’s.
  • Angelo Crowell, a linebacker in the NFL, opened two Jersey Mike’s franchises in Tallahassee, Fla.

And who can forget Peyton Manning’s lucrative relationship with Papa John’s Pizza? (After completing a three-year sponsorship agreement with the NFL, Papa John’s announced Wednesday that it has reached a new long-term agreement with the league.)

Frozen Yogurt Franchises Booming

A recent trend in frozen yogurt franchises is sweeping the country with tasty treats people are craving that also taste great. The health-conscious consumer is happy to sample the good tasting creations found in franchises like the following.

16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

Creative expression is the goal when consumers come to 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt. Well-known and growing in New York and around the country, the company focuses on designer-quality goodness. The typical startup costs start at $450,000 and the royalties sit at six percent. More so, the company structures its locations around building strong units, not necessarily the most units in the industry.

32 Degrees A Yogurt Bar

This organization specializes in providing the freshest toppings to consumers, including daily hand cut fruits, seasonal favorites, 40 candies, nuts and sauces and more. The investment range starts at $40,000 for franchises. It also specializes in providing customers with diet yogurt options, which are ideal for those who are dieting. A yogurt wall with between 12 and 16 flavor options greets customers and then there’s the topping bar with more than 50 topping choices (of over 150 options.)

Cultive Frozen Yogurt

Cultive Frozen Yogurt has a simple concept that works. Its goal is to provide consumers with a guilt-free indulgence in a modern environment. With an investment range starting at $9500, this California-based startup organization opened its doors in 2007. It attracts investors with its low investment for startup.

Frozen yogurt franchises continue to be one of the most lucrative opportunities countrywide.

Healthy Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

It’s been all over the news. A number of restaurants are being criticized for their unhealthy menu options. These are foods that are high in calories, fat and carbohydrates. It makes it harder for people to get good food on the run, which leads to an overall dissatisfaction in restaurants. The newest trend in restaurant franchises is those that have healthier options. Restaurateurs are looking to meet the demands of what the public wants, including good food that is actually healthy to consume.

Some of the top selling franchises right now feature healthy foods as opposed to foods that are dropped in a deep fryer. Quiznos franchise is a sub shop that features toasted subs. On their menu, they also feature salads and soups. It can all be provided on-the-go, which allows people to get in and out fast while still getting a healthy meal. Blimpie’s Subs is another sub franchise that is doing well. They focus on fresh ingredients, making it easier for people to get their daily helping of vegetables on a delicious sandwich. The franchise is affordable to start-up and it offers something healthy and unique for people looking for a quick lunch or dinner solution. Egg & I Restaurants is a sit-down franchise that focuses on the importance of a good, home-cooked meal using fresh ingredients. The restaurant concept features a breakfast and lunch menu consisting of healthy food options. The franchise itself is based out of Colorado and is growing very quickly around the country. Healthy food restaurant concepts are quickly becoming the rage with franchisees. When the public demands healthy, it’s the franchises that are able to deliver above and beyond the corporate chains.

Unique Food Franchises

So you want to invest in a franchise, but Subway’s just not your cup o’ tea and McDonald’s is already on every block in town. You don’t want to invest in a stereotypical food franchise anyway. Well, it’s just your luck that there are some unique food franchises to invest in.

If you work well with kids and want a truly unique business, consider investing in Foodie Kids. This is a hands-on culinary destination for kids. It’s not a restaurant, and definitely not a fast food joint. Instead, Foodie Kids offers children of all ages an opportunity to cook. Founded in 1991 by Barbara Beery, Foodie Kids educates kids about healthy eating and food preparation through its various programs and camps, as well as celebratory events. With an investment range up to $150000 and available financing, as well as a $25000 franchise fee, this is a worthwhile investment.

Another option for working with kids is Dine and Discounts, a fund raiser business. Here, you get the opportunity to work with schools, churches and other organizations to help them raise money with dining services. Financing is unavailable, but the franchise fee is $20000. If you’re a great communicator and planner with a drive to succeed, this franchise is for you.

If you’ve dreamed of running a gourmet business, Crescendo is for you. This franchise is all about gourmet European-style vinegars, oils and spices. Its products are fresh and intricate in taste , and packaged in hand-crafted containers. The company prides itself on catering to food coneseurs and top restaurants. Crescendo seeks detail-oriented businesspersons to run their franchises, and requires $40000 of investment.

Finally, if you like food preparation but aren’t keen on running a restaurant, Dine In 2Nite is the franchise for you. This meal preparation and delivery service is a unique alternative to dining in or out of the home. Where traditional restaurants lack in nutrition and fresh food or affordable pricing, Dine In 2night is an alternative that offers it all. Customers order three to five meals a week in advance, and the food is prepared in a smart cooking system according to recipes written by gourmet chefs. You need only invest $9500 into this franchise.

Which franchise you choose to invest in will depend on your interests, strengths and finances. But rest assured that if you choose to run a franchise of one of these companies, you will be in charge of a unique business.

Frozen Yogurt: The New Franchise Trend

Frozen yogurt became a “hot” product in 1980 with franchises like Heidi’s and TCBY leading the way. Eventually, yogurt shops were found all over the US. As the demand declined, though, many franchises evaporated. The industry has since experienced a strong re-awakening.

This new trend, however, isn’t a simple repetition of history. Today’s frozen yogurt is not only sporting new, more adventurous flavors and toppings, it’s also being served in futuristic, comfortable “coffeehouses,” rather than the traditional ice cream parlor. It’s also packaged more attractively, marketed not only as “good for you” but “tasty,” sold no longer as a substitute for ice cream’s, and, best of all, self-served.

Numbers don’t lie: in 2011 frozen yogurt sales topped $1.6 billion; a growth rate of 18% is expected in 2012. What is driving this growth? Innovation, for one thing, both in how shops operate as well as the way franchises make profits. Some buffet-style shops, for example, let customers create their own dessert masterpieces, a popular concept. Shops offer eye-appealing, colorful décor, free Wi-Fi, high-def TVs, and live entertainment. One franchise (Peachwave) doesn’t charge royalties; instead it serves as a distributor for its own stores.

Will this trend continue? While no one can predict the future, it’s clear that the frozen yogurt industry, newly redefined and restructured, is here to stay. Frozen yogurt, after all, can satisfy both "great taste" enthusiasts and the health-conscious. By keeping costs low and offering consumers flavor variety, self-serve bars, and friendly environments, the frozen yogurt industry is sure to remain a top player for years to come.

Three leading-the-way franchises are: 32 Degrees (specializes in daily-cut, fresh ingredients, seasonal delicacies, and over 40 tasty toppings) , Yogen Fruz (with over 1,300 stores in 35 countries, it’s the largest franchisor), and Cultive (offering low startup costs, it provides a quiet, modern end-of-workday "reward" haven).

Healthy Restaurant Franchise Options

For those who are interested in a restaurant franchise, there are several recognizable names. However, not everyone is pleased with the unhealthy choices offered by franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King. Fortunately, there are some fast-food options that offer healthy food. Depending on how much money you can invest, here are some of the healthy franchise opportunities that are available.

Einstein Bros Bagels – One of the "Top 50" in franchisee satisfaction in both 2009 and 2010, Einstein Bros Bagels has been providing franchise opportunities for more than 15 years. Those who are willing to invest the time and money necessary will have the full support of the home company.

Souper Salad – As more consumers are searching for a healthy diet, Souper Salad offers a great opportunity for franchisees. With a winning formula that has been tested for more than 20 years, you too can own your own healthy fast-food franchise. A 100% trans-fat free menu is the highlight of this franchise and consumers flock to their doors.

Fresh Healthy Vending - For those who are not interested in the hassles of a brick-and-mortar establishment, Fresh Healthy Vending may be the ideal franchise opportunity. Offering fruit, yogurt and other healthy food options, this is a great opportunity for those who are searching for a franchise with low start-up costs.

These fast-food healthy franchise opportunities can help you get started with your own business. In addition, as more people pay attention to their meals, these franchises offer great opportunity for growth.