Healthy Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

It’s been all over the news. A number of restaurants are being criticized for their unhealthy menu options. These are foods that are high in calories, fat and carbohydrates. It makes it harder for people to get good food on the run, which leads to an overall dissatisfaction in restaurants. The newest trend in restaurant franchises is those that have healthier options. Restaurateurs are looking to meet the demands of what the public wants, including good food that is actually healthy to consume.

Some of the top selling franchises right now feature healthy foods as opposed to foods that are dropped in a deep fryer. Quiznos franchise is a sub shop that features toasted subs. On their menu, they also feature salads and soups. It can all be provided on-the-go, which allows people to get in and out fast while still getting a healthy meal. Blimpie’s Subs is another sub franchise that is doing well. They focus on fresh ingredients, making it easier for people to get their daily helping of vegetables on a delicious sandwich. The franchise is affordable to start-up and it offers something healthy and unique for people looking for a quick lunch or dinner solution. Egg & I Restaurants is a sit-down franchise that focuses on the importance of a good, home-cooked meal using fresh ingredients. The restaurant concept features a breakfast and lunch menu consisting of healthy food options. The franchise itself is based out of Colorado and is growing very quickly around the country. Healthy food restaurant concepts are quickly becoming the rage with franchisees. When the public demands healthy, it’s the franchises that are able to deliver above and beyond the corporate chains.

Could You Own a Blimpie Franchise?

blimpie franchise

Few things are more inspiring than an American success story — especially a story that could feature any of us. Take Mike Sarao, for example. As a teenager, he swept floors and made sub sandwiches at a Blimpie restaurant in Jersey City, NJ. He dropped out of college to open an independent video rental store, but when faced with stiff competition from Blockbuster, he sold the business. End of story, right?

Not so fast. An entrepreneur at heart, he was offered the chance to buy the Blimpie store in Jersey City — the one where he had worked years before. He bought the store, and the rest is history.

Over time, he accumulated several more franchise locations throughout New Jersey in Lakewood, Freehold, and Trenton. Despite his business growth, he felt limited in his ability to help others follow in his footsteps. So he sold the franchises and began working as a Blimpie area developer.

Today, Sarao oversees about 60 Blimpie franchises in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He relishes the chance to help new Blimpie owners to make their stores a success. He says, “You want people to be successful in everything they do.” And he believes just about anyone can become a business owner.

Blimpie has offered sub sandwiches and entrepreneurial opportunities for over 40 years. With their brand recognition, national marketing campaign, and developers such as Sarao in their arsenal, it’s easy to see why budding entrepreneurs flock to their system.

Restaurant Franchise Trends – Sandwich Shops

Why Start a Blimpie Franchise?

  • Blimpie is a Leader in the restaurant franchise industry with proven business models and almost 900 restaurants within the United States. Blimpie’s is also the longest running, continuously functioning sub sandwich chain within the United States.
  • Started in 1964, Blimpie offers 40 years of experience in franchising. Blimpie® is recognized everywhere and their national marketing campaigns assist in driving customers to franchisees’ businesses. Blimpie is ranked No. 221 in the 2011 Franchise 500®.
  • Complete pre-opening training with ongoing support. No experience is necessary to start your own Blimpie Franchise. However, extensive support and training is offered.

Quiznos Franchise

  • With Quiznos, you can own a major brand that is nationally recognized without the huge investment.
  • Become part of a business system that has been proven with in-house financing available.
  • Your initial investment to re-open a previous Quiznos® location can be as small as $12,500 down and you can own a Quiznos in just 90 days!
  • Quiznos® national marketing campaigns assist in driving customers to Franchisees’ businesses with training and support also available.

Fresh Healthy Vending

This is the only vending company in the nation offering 100% juices, yogurts, smoothies, vegetables and fruit to franchisees, to be sold through innovative vending machines.

Why Fresh Healthy Vending?

  • Top selling products
  • A fresh business model
  • Great locations

Blimpie Franchise: A Great Sandwich Shop For Interested Investors

You’ve seen it firsthand when people go out for a ready-made sub and they eyeball the sandwich wondering how long it has been sitting in the refrigerated counter. You’ve watched them sit at the table, picking off all the things that they don’t like before eating what little is left on the sandwich.

You want to offer people a ready-made sub that they want to eat. You want the customers to have a choice on what is on the sandwich so they are getting the food that they pay for at a great price. If you have ever had the desire to be your own boss, then a Blimpie franchise may be right for you.

What Is A Blimpie Franchise

Blimpie Sub Sandwich Shop is the oldest sub sandwich restaurant chain in the world that has been continuously operating. Established in 1964 by Tony Conza, Blimpie uses the freshest breads along with the highest quality cheeses, meats, and vegetable toppings to give a delicious sandwich so that customers come back hungry for more.

What A Blimpie Franchise Can Offer You

Admit it. People like being their own boss. Owning an established restaurant franchise that offers great quality food in demand by customers and the support training to make your franchise grow in business and profits is every entrepreneurs dream. Blimpie Sub Sandwich franchise can offer you just that plus brand recognition and a national marketing campaign tailored to drive the best business to your doorstep.

Besides the extensive training, you will also receive ongoing support to help you succeed and financing so you can start your own Blimpie franchise immediately. Just make sure to have the doors open for the lunchtime rush of customers.

Blimpie Franchise Spotlight

If you love cold cut sandwiches and want to own a business, a Blimpie Franchise might be the perfect fit for you. Over the past 40 years, the Blimpie franchise has grown into a respectable business opportunity for anyone who wants the chance to earn a comfortable income and bring sandwich happiness to customers.

Started in 1964, Blimpie evolved in Tony Conza’s kitchen. After he assembled mounds of quality meat, thick cheese slices and crisp veggies on top of freshly baked bread, he shouted “Blimpie.” The name stuck, and customers nationwide have come to appreciate these tantalizing, customized sandwiches.

If you are ready to own a successful business, consider purchasing a Blimpie Franchise. You can own a successful franchise without previous business ownership or sandwich making skills. Blimpie Franchise owners receive comprehensive support and training before and after opening day. Third party financing is available, and Blimpie markets their franchises nationwide to attract new and repeat customers.

Blimpie is one of the most recognized names in the submarine sandwich industry and serves as a leading competitor in the quick-service restaurant industry. Find support and assistance from an established and successful company as you start your business ownership career. Additionally, a Blimpie Franchise gives you the opportunity to serve delicious and fresh sandwiches to satisfied customers every day.