Blimpie Franchise Spotlight

If you love cold cut sandwiches and want to own a business, a Blimpie Franchise might be the perfect fit for you. Over the past 40 years, the Blimpie franchise has grown into a respectable business opportunity for anyone who wants the chance to earn a comfortable income and bring sandwich happiness to customers.

Started in 1964, Blimpie evolved in Tony Conza’s kitchen. After he assembled mounds of quality meat, thick cheese slices and crisp veggies on top of freshly baked bread, he shouted “Blimpie.” The name stuck, and customers nationwide have come to appreciate these tantalizing, customized sandwiches.

If you are ready to own a successful business, consider purchasing a Blimpie Franchise. You can own a successful franchise without previous business ownership or sandwich making skills. Blimpie Franchise owners receive comprehensive support and training before and after opening day. Third party financing is available, and Blimpie markets their franchises nationwide to attract new and repeat customers.

Blimpie is one of the most recognized names in the submarine sandwich industry and serves as a leading competitor in the quick-service restaurant industry. Find support and assistance from an established and successful company as you start your business ownership career. Additionally, a Blimpie Franchise gives you the opportunity to serve delicious and fresh sandwiches to satisfied customers every day.