Dante’s Pizza Vending Kiosk

Dante's Pizza Kiosk There’s a plethora of restaurants available to consumers, from fast food to sit down to carry out. But one restaurant mainstay that’s a favorite for the whole family is none other than pizza. Pizza, essentially, is recession-proof. Just think, when you’re hosting a party, looking for an easy dinner on Sunday night or just don’t feel like cooking anything, what’s one of the first foods you think of? Pizza. Now you can be a part of the pizza industry be owning a Dante’s Pizza franchise in your area. But unlike your typical pizza shop, Dante’s offers you a pizza vending kiosk machine, for even faster service. It’s a different, yet innovative, take on the already popular restaurant industry, specifically with pizza. Here’s how the Dante’s opportunity works: You simply invest in the vending kiosk, which is ideal for hotels, movie theaters, skating rinks, convention centers, or anywhere else that’s highly trafficked where people want to get a delicious meal quickly. Your customers simply purchase the pizza and are able to eat it right away. It’s a fast option for busy people. Furthermore, being that this franchise opportunity doesn’t require you to operate your own store, investment is low (starting at about $29,000) and earning potential is high. Plus, financing is available and like most other franchise opportunities, you’ll get the training and support from corporate to ensure that you’re successful selling and marketing their product. Remember, in a franchise environment, corporate’s success is dictated by your success! Become a part of this recession-proof industry today and get your vending kiosk.