Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise History

nestle toll house cafe franchise

When hearing the name Nestle Toll House, many individuals think of the delectable cookies. While the cookies formed brand loyalty in many individuals, franchise opportunities for the Nestle Toll House Café by Chip are available to individuals who are interested in investing in a popular dessert business.

The Beginning

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip was founded in the United States by Ziad Dalal and Doyle Liesenfelt. The first café was founded in Frisco, Texas in the year 2000 and the company has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the fastest growing franchise businesses.

Crest Foods, Inc is the franchisor for Nestle Toll House Café by Chip and is in charge of new locations that are founded around the world. Due to the brand loyalty of families who have grown up on Nestle products, particularly the Toll House cookie, the franchise has seen phenomenal success.

From the year 2006, the franchise has received recognition for growth, expansion and growing interest from consumers. It was ranked among the fastest growing franchises in 2006 by Franchise Times and was given honors in 2009 by Restaurant Business Magazine as one of the fastest growing emerging chains throughout the United States.

Franchise Opportunities

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip is a franchise opportunity that offers brand loyalty and has a wide range of budget pricing and café options available. Becoming a franchisee starts with determining the amount available to put into the opportunity.

The opportunities through Nestle Toll House Café by Chip include the budget friendly kiosk, an in-line mid-priced option or the traditional street café bakery that is the largest and most costly franchise option.

By offering options that are budget friendly to franchisees, the café provides a wide range of location opportunities. Common locations are in shopping malls and centers, but bakeries and shops on a busy street area also an option for those who want to put more into the franchise.

Opening a new franchise location is always an exciting venture for investors. While it will take time to work out the details and paperwork, the successful history of this dessert franchise offers long-term opportunities for a successful investment.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise?

nestle toll house cafe franchise

For an investment of $50,000 to $426,000, franchise owners make their business ownership dreams come true. If you are ready to join established brands and sell happiness, a Nestle Toll House Café franchise is a wise choice for your next small business venture.

Selling happiness is possible when you purchase a Nestle Toll House Café franchise. No other major dessert cafe features such a well-known and brand-recognized selection of baked goods, coffee, ice cream, smoothies and of course cookies. Customers recognize and trust brands like Toll House, Nescafe, Nesquik, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Edy’s, and Dreyers. Backed by these brands, franchise owners find success in nearly any location.

A Nestle Toll House Café franchise easily locates almost anywhere. Kiosk spaces fit comfortably in airports or indoor malls. Outdoor cafes offer indoor and outdoor seating. Inline models reside in a mall or storefront area. The convenient locations and strong product line make this franchise a perfect opportunity for new or existing business owners.

In addition to quality products, Nestle Toll House Café franchise owners receive solid support in all areas of business ownership. From financing to marketing, skilled and experienced mentors guide franchise owners from start to finish. Receive assistance obtaining financing, securing a location, constructing the café, training employees, and marketing the franchise. A knowledgeable and helpful support team guides you every step of the way.