Quiznos Appoints New Board Members

Quiznos has been revamping the business since their financial crisis was mostly absolved a few months ago. As a show of good faith to their franchisees, they are currently undergoing lots of business reform. One major reform is appointing new leadership. They have appointed a new Executive Chairman of the Board named Harsha Agadi. Agadi has over 20 years experience in the franchising industry with brands like Dominos Pizza and Friendly’s, according to the Denver Post. Along with Agadi, Quiznos has appointed three other new board members, each coming from successful brands like Sonic, Arby’s and Little Caesars.

This is a great move on Quiznos part because they want their franchisees and loyal customer base to know that they are ready to get the Quiznos franchise not only financially sound but successful. Quiznos toasted sandwiches has been beloved by America and among the most popular restaurant franchises ever, so we have no doubt that they will continue to grow.