Papa Murphy’s Halloween Pizza

In keeping with tradition, Papa Murphy’s once again offers its pepperoni and cheese Halloween Pizza through the month of October. Perfect for hurried or laid back meals, seasonal parties, or just before or after heading out in search of tricks and treats on that special night, it is a perfect fall treat. The handmade jack-o-lantern pizza, with a crust covered in rich sauce and loaded with Mozzarella and a pepperoni grin, is sure to bring a smile to all who see it, as well as requests for more from all who taste it. To make this Halloween a stress free and smooth sailing one,

Papa Murphy’s will take an order for your pizza in advance; you can grab it at your convenience, then simply pop it in the oven when you are ready to enjoy it.

Papa Murphy’s Expands to the Middle East

One of the leading pizza industries in America will be transitioning over to the Middle East in hopes of increasing their profits overseas. This pizza industry is Papa Murphy’s and it seems like they want to increase their brand awareness to people across the nation.

Their first location is set to open in Dubai, which will be just one of the hundred stores that they plan on opening in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. This will be Papa Murphy’s franchises first time to open their business outside the US, and it will be interesting to see how receptive the people are over there for pizza cuisine. Papa Murphy’s is the fifth largest pizza chain in the US, and it will be interesting to see if they can move up the pizza ladder by expanding outside America.

Papa Murphy’s Ranked Number One By Consumers

Pizza lovers know their pizzas. For people with a passion for pizza, there is nothing better than a hot and fresh, “homemade” pizza, loaded with the toppings of your choice. Papa Murphy’s franchises, the country’s fifth largest pizza chain has devised the perfect plan for consumers to have the experience of smelling a pizza cooking in their kitchen. The pizza is freshly made to your order then taken home and baked so you can have a fresh, homemade pizza that is piping hot straight out of your oven.

According to the “Consumer Picks” survey which compared the results from more than 5000 pizza consumers, Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza ranked as #1 in nine out of 10 different attributes surveyed and is 12.8 points ahead of their competitor. Papa Murphy’s found its way into the #2 slot in a survey that included 98 Limited Service Restaurants (fast food chains), out-ranking several other non-pizza companies, including major burger or sub “fast food” chains Companies were rated on various attributes such as food quality, cleanliness, likely to return, likely to recommend, crave ability, atmosphere, service, value and menu variety.

Consumers know pizza, fortunately for pizza lovers Ken Calwell’s quote; “We are passionate about creating food people love” has been proven by providing consumers with fresh, bake at home pizza that is ranked as #1 for food quality.

Papa Murphy’s New Mobile Marketing Venture

Starting in 2010, Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza has been working with Phizzle, a mobile marketing provider, to give its customers the option to enroll in a mobile marketing program that will allow them to receive information and special promotions via text message. Using specialized advertisement campaigns and customized in-store signage, Papa Murphy’s has provided instructions on how to opt into this program via text message, allowing the customer to choose whether or not he or she wants to receive mobile information regarding the company.

Papa Murphy’s has recently expanded its partnership with Phizzle, making this mobile marketing program available in over 26 states at close to 550 of the restaurant’s franchised locations. So far, mobile marketing has been a success for the company’s participating stores. Since Papa Murphy’s started this program, over 100,000 customers have signed up through mobile campaigns and standard text message blasts to receive text message coupons and other promotions from their favorite locations. These participating locations have seen redemption rates of up to 18 percent from these mobile coupons and have also seen an increase in sales, since a good amount of customers upgrade their orders when coming for a free or discounted pizza.

Papa Murphy’s Considers a Gluten-Free Pizza Option

When I hear words like gluten free on the news or even in conversations, my mind tends to go into the Charlie Brown teacher mode. You know, where the teacher is talking but all you hear are the sounds of a trumpet.

Mention gluten free and I quickly start hearing sounds, not words. Gluten free…say it fast and it sounds like some sort of German musical instrument.

So then I heard Papa Murphy’s was considering adding a “gluten free” pizza to their menu.

They had me at pizza, but I decided to Google “gluten free” anyway.

Turns out maybe gluten free isn’t so bad after all. In its most basic form, gluten free means to avoid processed foods. It can lead to better digestion and cholesterol levels, and increased energy.

Ever get tired after eating? Shouldn’t eating GIVE you energy? I think that’s what they are talking about.

I’m not sure I buy into the whole gluten free diet yet, but I can understand why a lot of people are starting to avoid processed foods. Maybe Papa Murphy’s is onto something. At least they are asking.

Are you currently or are you thinking about going gluten free? You can take their survey here:

Now if “gluten free” still makes you go into “words sound like trumpet sounds” mode, you’ve just got to see the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza on the Papa Murphy’s Facebook page. Enjoy!

Papa Murphy’s Challenges to Grill Your Pizza

With the summer season tempting families and individuals outdoors, the option to bake a pizza in the house is less tempting. Papa Murphy’s understands the temptation to stay outdoors and has issued a challenge that will encourage customers to enjoy summer pizza without the traditional baking.

The Challenge

Papa Murphy’s challenge is simple: grill the pizza instead of baking in an oven. The pizza is taken home and then placed on the grill according to the instructions of the challenge for a variation on the normal baking instructions.

The instructions for grilling require taking precautions to avoid burning the paper tray. Directions suggest using foil, an aluminum tray or similar items to protect the paper from burning while cooking on the grill.

The grill must be pre-heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a two burner grill or 425 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for grills that have three or more burners. After pre-heating, the pizza is placed on the grill and cooked.

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete the grilled pizza challenge. Exact timing varies based on the heat of the grill, the type of grill and the preferred crispiness of the pizza.

The Sweepstakes

Consumers can enter the sweepstakes on Facebook to win a grill or other great prizes. Prizes are awarded throughout the sweepstakes with the Weber grill awarded as a grand prize.

Papa Murphy’s challenge is a great way to experiment with cooking opportunities. The summer is a time to break out the grill and enjoy new culinary challenges, including the option to grill a pizza.

Papa Murphy’s: Great Choice for a Pizza, Great Choice for a Franchise

There are plenty of pizza places, but there’s one place pizza lovers turn to when they want a home-baked pizza they don’t have to assemble themselves.

Papa Murphy’s, famous for the Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza, actually started out as two separate pizza chains. Papa Aldo’s Pizza debuted in 1981 in Hillsboro, Ore., and the Murphy’s Pizza chain started in Petaluma, Calif., three years later. In 1995, they were merged to become Papa Murphy’s, a name that is synonymous with homemade pizza that all you have to do is bake.

In 2003, Restaurant and Institutions Magazine voted Papa Murphy’s Best Pizza Chain in America. It has won the award each year since. In 2002, Papa Murphy’s was listed at an all-time high of No. 27 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 Franchise List.

The Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza redefined the pizza experience, as the customer can bake a pizza at home without having to go through the work of putting it together or having to make a frozen pizza.

As a franchise, a Papa Murphy’s chain has lower costs, because it does not need the amount of space, equipment and seating as does a restaurant that bakes and serves pizza. Because of this, construction costs and operating expenses are lower than restaurants and similar franchises, and they can have very competitive prices. Fewer hours also keep labor costs down.

Papa Murphy’s is easier to own and run than a restaurant, and corporate staff is supportive of franchise owners right from the start. We’ll provide training, advertising, meetings and a toll-free line.

We have more than 1,250 locations in 37 U.S. states, as well as 14 in Canada. There’s room for more.

Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake in Franchise Direct’s Top 100

Papa Murphy's Franchise

With a large portion of the top 100 franchises on’s list being restaurants and food, pizza is a hot franchise, so to speak. But when the franchise in question is Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza all of the heat is coming directly from the popularity of the brand, not from the pizza ovens.

Building their reputation and customer following on reliably serving up appetizing, quality food at an affordable price, the Papa Murphy’s franchise comes with built-in recognition and customer loyalty. And it is distinguished in the industry, as well, having been voted America’s best pizza chain by Restaurant and Institution Magazine for seven years running. With the dedication to putting out superior product and the comparatively low start-up costs, it’s no wonder that Papa Murphy’s is one of the fastest growing chains in America.

The franchise requirements are straight-forward and simple for a food franchise. Because customers purchase their meals at the store (pizzas, calzones, lasagnas and other similar foods) but cook them at home, the restaurant sites don’t require pizza ovens or other commercial cooking appliances, dining room accommodations or other equipment and fixtures that a full-service restaurant does. The hours of operation are limited and the company provides a four phase training program included in the franchise fee. Franchisees are given locations to operate their stores, but are not granted exclusivity within territories, although one franchisee may operate more than one Papa Murphy’s store.

Not only is the initial investment lower than most restaurants with a customer base all but built-in, but no previous restaurant experience is required. The franchise provides support from the first day you sign on, helping with everything from training to site selection and marketing. For the aspiring entrepreneur, Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake franchise is an excellent opportunity to own your own business.

Papa Murphy’s Expands Further Into Indianapolis

Papa Murphy’s, the take and bake pizza chain is once again branching out in an attempt to expand the company’s reach farther into the mid western United States. The successful pizza restaurant chain is set to add at least 33 new locations in the state of Indianapolis. Such an aggressive expansion will more than double the company’s presence in the Indianapolis region. The company has projected the additions to take place over the next five years.

The made to order Pizza Company, which started its chain operations in Petaluma, California in the early 90s and is currently based out of Vancouver, Washington, has developed a nationwide presence within its two decades in business. Papa Murphy’s currently has over 1,250 locations scattered over the country in 37 states and an additional 14 chains in Canada. 29 of the company’s locations are in the state of Indianapolis.

Papa Murphy’s makes a great first franchise

Many people have considered opening their own business, but often starting from scratch can be difficult. A great middle ground for many is opening a franchise. With a franchise business, the basic groundwork is laid out, as well as the brand reputation so the risks involved in start up as less than simply starting with a completely new idea. One very practical option is a Papa Murphy’s franchise.

The first reason why a Papa Murphy’s franchise is a great choice is because it has an excellent reputation. Restaurant & Institutions Magazine has given Papa Murphy’s the best pizza chain award for seven years, and it’s growing faster than any other take and bake pizza chain. Pizza is something nearly everyone loves, and having the “take and bake” option helps many people feel like they are in bettter control of what they are eating, and gives people that “pizzaria” experience at home.

The fact that Papa Murphy’s doesn’t bake their pizzas is another plus for the Papa Murphy’s franchise owner. Because employees are simply preparing pizzas for home baking there is no need to maintain commercial ovens, or keep any sort of dining area. Because of this fewer employees are needed in order to maintain a Papa Murphy’s franchise. And all these things that you don’t need, along with all the basics built in that you do, makes it a Papa Murphy’s franchise a cost effective and exciting choice when it comes to starting a business.