Sprout Healthy Vending Franchise Spotlight

"Eat healthier."

It might as well be the unofficial slogan of many Americans. Eat better and eat healthier. And where is one of the places where you slip on this slogan? Why, when you’re getting a snack at the office vending machine. Fortunately, there’s a solution. It’s called Sprout Healthy Vending, a franchise opportunity that provides vending machines full of healthy snacks. These snacks include yogurts, fruits and vegetables and other snacks that that make you feel good about what you’re eating.

The office is one place, but schools and public cafeterias are other options for Sprout Healthy Vending. In fact, vending machines, which come with no royalty fees or franchise fees, can be tailored to your situation. If you want to stock it with smoothies and yogurt, you can. Machines can be monitored online, so you can see what are the most popular selling items in your situation, as well. And Sprout Healthy Vending machines can also be ordered so that they are able to accept debit and credit cards.

The vending industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And most of these vending machines are stocked with salty and unhealthy chips, snacks and cupcakes. There’s a health-conscious push going on in society today, as a healthy lifestyle often means a longer life. Children can benefit from Sprout Healthy Vending machines by developing good eating habits early on, while businessmen can benefit by living healthier and facing potentially smaller health care premiums. Everyone has an opportunity to benefit from living healthier and Sprout Healthy Vending machines are a step toward healthy living. One can be in your cafeteria and break room today.