Restaurant Franchise Wendy’s Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Restaurant franchise Wendy’s recently awarded checks to three charity organizations providing disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.


The checks, which amount to $68,017.67, were given by Wendy’s franchises in the New York Tri-state area. The benefitting organizations include Long Island Cares Inc. the Harry Chapin Food Bank, Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.


The restaurant franchise raised the funds through two fundraising initiatives. Fifteen percent of total store sales were donated to the three organizations during a special fundraising night on Thursday, December 13, 2012. For the following month, special coin canisters were also placed at the front cashier counter of all participating Wendy’s franchise locations.


All funds collected were donated to the three beneficiary organizations, each receiving $22,672.

Restaurant Franchises and Pro-Athletes

restaurant franchises

Imagine walking into one of your favorite restaurant or food franchises and seeing a famous athlete in line making the sandwiches. For patrons of the Fourth Street Jimmy Johns in Waco, Texas that’s been normal this summer.


Rams running back Terrance Ganaway makes Jimmy Johns sandwiches as fast as he can for 12 hours,  three days a week.


Wanting to stay out of trouble during the off season, Ganaway jokingly tweeted, “Anyone hiring?”


A Jimmy Johns employee replied: “We’re hiring.”


Ganaway isn’t the first professional athlete to have attached himself to a restaurant franchise, though it needs to be said Terrance isn’t a paid spokesperson for Jimmy Johns.

  • Jamba Juice recently signed a deal with tennis pro Venus Williams to open five stores in Washington, D.C.
  • A group of NFL players, which includes ReggieBush and Keyshawn Johnson, has opened Panera Bread franchises in California.
  • Junior Bridgeman has created a restaurant franchise empire that includes 121 Chili’s restaurants and 162 Wendy’s.
  • Angelo Crowell, a linebacker in the NFL, opened two Jersey Mike’s franchises in Tallahassee, Fla.

And who can forget Peyton Manning’s lucrative relationship with Papa John’s Pizza? (After completing a three-year sponsorship agreement with the NFL, Papa John’s announced Wednesday that it has reached a new long-term agreement with the league.)

Wendy’s to Use More Humane Animal Treatment Practices

Wendy’s, which has just ousted Burger King as the number two burger chain in the country, has announced that they are now using more humane animal treatment practices. Their major chicken supplier, OK Foods, has begun using a system called LAPS, which renders the chickens unconscious before being processed by the workers. The industry standard prior to this was killing the chickens by electroshock.

Wendy’s is also encouraging other chains to follow suit, especially with the elimination of pork gestation stalls (which are very tiny and render the animal practically immobile), which McDonalds said it would phase out last month. PETA calls these moves “encouraging.” With all this good press, it might be time to start your own restaurant franchise like Wendy’s.